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12 Haircut Tattoo Designs That Will Turn All Eyes on You

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12 Haircut Tattoo Designs That Will Turn All Eyes on You

12 Haircut Tattoo Designs That Will Turn All Eyes on You
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The trend of tattoo hair cut is creating social media waves and has paved its way to hair salons, where men and women flock to have their head treated with spectacular shaving designs. As people are becoming increasingly conscious about their hair grooming fashions, it is no doubt that haircut tattoo will be here to stay for a long time. Here are top 12 hair tattoos for both men and women.

Hair Tattoo Design

  1. Most popular are the undercut hair styles. Not only women, but such hair tattoo for men is also catching up. Some unisex hair tattoo cut designs are also gaining momentum in hair styling.

Haircut Tattoo Designs 1

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2. Some prefer getting their haircut tattoo down the desired length than going for over-the-top or short crew cut design. The sought after hair designs for men are also those matching with long hair.

Haircut Tattoo Designs 2

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3. Not only in salons and barber shops, haircut tattoos have taken a room into medical treatments as well, where the follicles are filled with pigmentation of different kinds. Thus, many prefer scalp tattoo hair loss to look youthful again.

Haircut Tattoo Designs 3

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4. Others go for the chiselled look, which are one of the best hair tattoos for balding people. Tattoo scalp patterns give many a hunky and metro-look.

Haircut Tattoo Designs 4

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5. A haircut tattoo does not have to be just about random designs, but themed as well. There are animal themed, script themed, tribal art themed, even movie inspired themed hair tattoo designs.

Haircut Tattoo Designs 5

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6. Right from employing edging clippers, razors etc the hair stylists take a lot of effort to achieve complex hair tattoo designs for men and women.

Haircut Tattoo Designs 6

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7. Women can take their feminine appeal further with haircut tattoo of butterfly, faeries, stars, retro and flowery patterns. Get the hair at those particular tattoo area coloured for better effect.

Haircut Tattoo Designs 7

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8. Music lovers are also taking to amazing tattooed scalps, often which reflect musical notes, musical instruments, words of the favourite song and more.

Haircut Tattoo Designs 8

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9. The coolest mens hair tattoos design today is the abstract and geometric patterns, which are often the most difficult and used to portray realistic images.

Haircut Tattoo Designs 9

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10. For those facing balding issues, bald head tattoo can bring back the handsome appearance. There are loads of options in bald hair tattoo; one of the talked about is shaving off the hairy patches around to suit with bald areas.

Haircut Tattoo Designs 10

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11. Those who love to keep their hair flowing can also choose pattern tattoos for their hair. There are several interesting haircut types that also complement with hair tattoos.

Haircut Tattoo Designs 11

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12. People even get tattoo on scalp, which is a living tribute to their role models like sport stars, mascots, and those they admire in their personal life.

Haircut Tattoo Designs 12

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So, if you want to join the parade, do not wait up. Get a bold or simple hair tattoo for yourself. Unlike general haircuts, the length and quality of the hair does not matter when it comes to scalp tattoos. Treat yourself with hair grooming surprise today.

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