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10 Quirky Choices of Umbrellas for Monsoon 2017


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10 Quirky Choices of Umbrellas for Monsoon 2017

You may want to purchase a classic high wind umbrella this monsoon. The perfect rain umbrella will depend upon how often you use it during rains. There are many fashionable choices of umbrellas to pick for rainy season, and we list some of the fancy ones below.

Rain Umbrella for Monsoon 2017

If you do not go out often or travel in vehicle, then you can choose artistic umbrellas without worrying how to handle them. Automatic umbrellas are also preferable, since there is no snag of pressing any buttons or getting the same stuck while you are desperately trying to get your umbrella open or shut. Another alternative is pocket umbrella. These are lightweight and portable, and sized to fit in jacket pockets. It works well, when it is not raining too hard.

Best Umbrella to Carry Outside

Why not show off your fashion sense with best umbrella this monsoon? You can get a funny/gadget umbrella with a popular design such as various seals on top of the umbrella that give impression of leaving fun designs and water marks, illuminated umbrellas, handle shaped into samurai sword etc.

Rainy Season Umbrella for Men

rainy umbrella types for monsoon Present your masculine vibe with rainy season umbrella for men that have designs, bachelor quotes, different styled moustaches, sports themed, etc. Shades to choose are blue, gray, black, darkest green, orange and more.

Ladies Umbrella with Fancy Accents

rainy-umbrella-for-monsoon-women Heart-shaped and polka dotted umbrellas are favourites among women. Some of the other ladies umbrella with fancy accents includes the ones with Chinese frills, hanging fringes, and multi-toned colourful surfaces, floral and animal print.

Transparent Umbrella

rainy-transparent-umbrella-for-monsoon-women The see-through or transparent umbrella is likes for rainy season. Firstly, these umbrellas give you the chance to flaunt your makeup- you can carry a glamorous look and get noticed without the umbrella hiding your face! Secondly, these give you a view to your surroundings. Transparent umbrellas come in all shapes and sizes, and are usually water resistant.

Folding Umbrella

Easy to pack in your purse and bag, folding umbrella is the companion to look out for this monsoon. These dry out soon, come with thin package which you can stuff the umbrella back into to keep your bag dry. Also, some of the fashionable folding umbrellas have trendy clips and handles.

Designer Umbrellas Online

designer-umbrella-for-monsoon There are several designer umbrellas online to choose from. You can visit any of the retail outlet on the internet such as amazon, flipkart etc to make a purchase. These may cost in thousands of bucks, but worth it because the material would be sturdy, long-lasting with haute designs and prints, you will not find elsewhere.

Rainbow Umbrella

rainbow-umbrella-for-monsoon Popular and widely used, rainbow umbrella makes a great combination with your clothing. As it has number of colours, you can mix and match your attire as you like. For more fashion tips- body, you can refer our blog section.

Mini Umbrella

mini umbrella for monsoon for women Not exactly pocket or folding umbrellas, the mini umbrellas have a smaller size and breadth, but do it jobs to save you from the pouring rain. Again, these are simple to handle and can be stored in your laptop bags or college bags. These are available in many designs, shapes and colours.

Large Umbrella

large umbrella for monsoon If you think that a generic umbrella is not sufficient to protect you from rain, and then choose a large umbrella which has a wider span. These are usually great for those who travel outside often and have no problems with storing or keeping them, as these usually would not fit in backpack.

Kids Umbrellas of Various Themes

Children love the monsoon season as it is a chance for them to splash around in water and bunk their school (wink!). However, you can buy kids umbrellas of cartoon theme, and encourage them to not miss school, because children these days are fashion-aware. Imagine kids flaunting their umbrellas to each other- “hey, see the Flintsones on my umbrella”, and the other kid goes like, “I have got Spiderman to back me up!” Other themes to try out are Disney themed, forest themed, wildlife themed, etc. So, choose any of the umbrellas from above-mentioned options and have a happy rainy season! You can also read Hair Care Tips in Rainy Season here.

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