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10 Style For Short Curvy Girl – Feel Empowered and Beautiful


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10 Style For Short Curvy Girl – Feel Empowered and Beautiful

Do you think that short and curvy body you have needs more attention when it comes to fashion? Here top 10 tricks on style for short curvy girl, which makes an instant impression.

Best Style for Short Curvy Girl

Here are 10 short girl dress tips- all the do’s and don’ts that will pitch you straight into fashion zone.

1. Cuff up Long Sleeves

Long sleeves give smaller girls too much fabric to manage, and you can end up looking uncomfortable in these. Cuff your shirt to highlights its design instead.

2. Appear Taller by Pairing an Asymmetrical Dress with Heels

No, we are not body shaming, but guess what, sometime you may really want to gain those extra inches of course not on your tummy, but in the stature. You can wear heels with asymmetrical dress. Believe it! This works as a wonder as short girl dresses as it also makes your calf seem longer with heels.

3. Boxy Tops and Blazers

To soften your look, you can try on blazers on boxy tops or shirts. Jackets too work well on short curvy girl.

4. Tuck in Your Shirt

If you are curvy, then a long shirt can make you look larger at the middle and in case you are short, any shirt can simply seem too long. While shirts may not seem to be the best outfit for short girl, whoever said that- there is an easy fix! Tuck in the shirt and make sure it does not cover the zipper, and you would look as fabulous you wanted.

5. No Pants that Bunch at Bottom

Avoid cranky look by avoiding pants which bunch at bottom. It just makes you appear shorter. Rather try on jeans, which cut off at the ankle.

6. Contrasts Give a Cleaner Look


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Remember that baggy boyfriend-jean look? Think you can carry it off? You sure can. There are plenty of choices in clothes for short girls, who are also curvy, and jeans or preferably baggy jeans look great if you can contrast it well with other outfits or accessories.

7. Make Your Waist the Goddess

A bag dress is most flattering. Those curves are not something to feel sorry about. Why not flaunt it when you can and look good nonetheless.

8. Take Benefit of Your Natural Body

cut of jeans for short curvy girl

If you plan to cuff your jeans, did you notice that doing so cuts your leg off to make you seem shorter? But, hey we have all figured it for you, because fashion for short women does not have to be about compromises. You can again, tuck your top in order to section your body in a natural way.

9. Belt it out

belt short curvy girl

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You can add a belt to your outfit in a way that it brings out your waist to elongate legs. You can do so for a cross-seam dress, as it will simply make your legs look slender, flirt with your natural curves, and give you height visually.

10. Skip Ankle Straps and Sandals and Bat Sleeve

If you are planning to wear shorts or cuffed jeans, then you certainly wish that your calf looks lovely since you have those natural curves. As an advice, style for short girl must not comprise of ankle straps and sandals in above-mentioned case. Similarly, skip bat sleeve as it may make your arm seem larger.

So grab the best of womanly look, no matter how short and curvy you are, and be the showstopper of the day!

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