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11 Peppy Nail Art, Designs and Tattoos for Every Woman

Wonder Woman Nail Design

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11 Peppy Nail Art, Designs and Tattoos for Every Woman

Your nails can get itself a fashion tour being ordained with fun designs, art, and tattoos. Here are top nail art, design and tattoo ideas to explore this season.

Who does not love to glam up on a special day, and if it has to be about nails, do not let it feel alone while you deck-up with makeup. Give your nails a friendly makeover not just with regular nail-paints, but give it a twist with interesting nail art, designs, and cuticle tattoos.

1. Start Your Day with a Smile


Image Source : Calkboardnails

Give your nails a sunshine smile with smiley nail art. You can combine more than two nail shades and simply draw a smiley on each nail. Broad smile smiley, tongue-out smile, crazy-eyed smiley, winking smiley are some of the popular nail art designs to try.

2. Psychedelic Nail Art


Image Source : Calkboardnails

Glossy abstract art on nail accomplished with amalgamation of different nail paints give your hands a perky appearance. You can wear it during evening parties and hangouts with friends in the night.

3. Lovey – Dovey Prints


Image Source : Chiayifestival

Say hello to the new wave of youth-love inspired nail arts. Sketch a simple heartbeat and pair the designs with drawings of boy and girl and spell love on your nails. The design does not have to be too intricate to standout.

4. Gothic Themed Nail Art


Image Source : GoodHouseKeeping

Go gothic and retro with skull nail art and pristine tattoo Celtic designs on your nails. These look good for night-parties and dark-themed get-togethers. Some of the nail-paint shades to try with gothic nail design are red, black, golden, dark purple etc.

5. Wonder Woman Nail Design

Wonder Woman Nail Design

Image Source : Popsugar

Experience your inner strength with Wonder Woman Nail tattoos. Draw her crown and costume on your nails and print her comic book picture as well. Now you are ready to reveal your superwoman skills in a fashionable way.

6. Aquatic Treasures

Aquatic Treasures

Image Source : Inkyournail

Discover the underwater mystery with aquatic nail designs right from colourful corals, to sea creatures such as crabs, seahorses and more. Prep up your nails with blues and whites, and bright shades of sea weeds, fishes and flaunt it at a beachside party.

7. Luscious Polka Dots

Luscious Polka Dots

Image Source : Pinimg

Choose sensuous colours for polka dot nail design and take this common nail print idea to a new high. Do it with red, purple, black, and mix and match with whites, silver, golden, and other such provocative shades. Wear it on a date and surprise your better-half.

8. Cuticle Tattoos

Cuticle Tattoos

Image Source : Nailsworlddd

Another trend for nail art is cuticle tattoos wherein you print a temporary or permanent design or tattoo on the cuticle. Add on beads and glitters on your nails. Now compliment this nail tattoo with nail paint and art and become the talk of the group.

9. The Warmth in the Cold

warm and cold nail art

Image Source : Pinimg

Winters are here but you can tuck your nails under a warm blanket of summer-themed nail art. Choose prints of summer trees, beaches, evening sky or the sunset and get going!

10. Get Abstract

abstract nail art

Image Source : Artxplorez

Indian Jaipuri abstract prints are suited not just for handloom products but also your nails. Abstract design nail art of this type will go well with Desi clothing such as kurtas, lehengas, even saaris. So do not wait up, take your pick!

11. Who is the Ace?

ace spade nail art

Image Source : Calkboardnails

Who has not played cards? Everyone has. The world of spades, Ace, hearts, clubs and more, these can be brought to live with cards-themed nail art. This is a must makeover for your nails when you are going to a casino!

Try out these amazing collections of nail designs, arts, and tattoos and feel a difference in your fashion style.

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