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15 Winter Clothes and Accessories for Men to Keep You Warm and Appealing


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15 Winter Clothes and Accessories for Men to Keep You Warm and Appealing

Want to protect yourself from the cold of winter, yet look handsome and alluring? Follow the most-awaited clothes and accessories for winter this 2017.

Winter Clothes for Men: Check what is New

1. Puffer Vests- Reveal True Confidence

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Winter puffer vests are suitable on every person, be it a minimalist businessman, retro hippie or that college going guy, these vests are a must for your winter wardrobe. Why so? Because not only does it give you a handsome look, but it fits on every shirt, t-shirt, you want to wear.

2. Hooded Sweatshirt- Perfect Hideout


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Keep cool and warm at the same time! Yes, hooded sweatshirts make you a ninja, well not in real life, but at least by appearance. Jokes apart, you really need this on a casual outing and when indoors. It is the very winter clothing that can save you on chilly occasions.

3. Cable Knit Sweater- Cosy on Skin

Not out of the fad, sweaters as fashionable clothing have evolved in style and pattern over the years. You can look up various designer sweaters to wear for the winter. Trust us; you will be astounded that what your dad wore back in his days is still popular, with a new meaning.

4. Denim Jackets- Wear the Sporty Look

Want to keep the dude look alive? Check out denim jackets. It keeps you warm and makes you look smart in your clothes. However, if you are living in an area that encounters frequent snowfall, then you should choose a double-layered denim jacket than a simple one.

5. Woollen Topcoats- Officially Cool Again

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Topcoats are all-season wear, but when it comes to winter, woollen ones are most claimed. These come in just about every pattern and design. You can pick from the solids to designer ones, whichever suits your style outlook. And hey, it is a hit at workplaces!

6. Shawl Collar Blazer- Smart with Every Move


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Do not dump the blazer just because the collar is short. You can either get your blazer customized for winter by adding on a shawl-collar or buy a new one that already has the shawl-collar. Such blazer jackets are sharpest ways into the trend and give you a peppy look at all events.

7. Long Sleeve Jumpsuit- Get to Work

It is time to get back into action even if though cold outside. Wear a snug long sleeve jumpsuit and feel the vigour of the season. No need to add on any other piece of clothing if your jumpsuit can keep your body covered from head to toe- that is right; choose the one with a hoodie.

8. Full Length Mocknecks- Feel the Heat

Wrap yourself in fashionable threads; mocknecks are the peak of fashion today. One of the favourites in 1990’s, these have come back with a bang. These look exceptional when paired with a light scarf and sports wrist watch.

Winter Accessories and Necessaries for Men

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9. Solid Beanies- Let’s Face it

Not a piece of accessory for only geeks anymore, solid beanies is the thing in winter fashion for all men. These come in different hues, but for winter you can go for marled gray or black ones. If you want to sound an alert, you can choose bright colours such as blue, red, yellow etc.

10. Bucket Hats

Cover your ears and top of the head well with bucket hats. These seem fashionable as well as serve the purpose of safeguarding you from the biting cold.

11. Layered Socks

Not just any normal sock, for winters, you must always choose layered socks as these are better equipped to retain your body heat and keep your foot cushioned and warm.

12. Ski Goggles

Love to ski? Then get yourself ski goggles and ski away on an adventurous terrain of snow. Yes, vacation calling, enjoy the winters the most.

13. Graphic Scarves

Solid and simply patterned scarves could be a bore. Treat yourself to graphic scarves. Wear it on casuals to bring the best out of you.

14. Woolly Gloves

To keep your palms warm and protected from the winter’s cold; you must keep a pair of woolly gloves ready. Buy gloves matching to shades of your clothing.

15. Cushioned Sneakers- Pamper Your Feet

Buy cushioned sneakers, which are water-resistant, insulated with extra grippy sole. Such footwear can trick out even the worst of the snow, while keeping your feet warm.
We hope you are already feeling the warmth wash over reading about top winter clothes and accessories for men! Get your wardrobe updated for the winters today.

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