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15 Winter Clothing and Accessories to Rediscover Womanhood in Style


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15 Winter Clothing and Accessories to Rediscover Womanhood in Style

There are many clothing options for women to keep warm in cold weather. But, to do so in style is the idea behind bringing out your fashion quotient. Not only women are fashion conscious, but are extremely motivated towards keeping up with current trends. While the winter settles, we mention some of the extraordinary winter wears for women, which you can flaunt at the maximum.

Winter Stylish Clothing Options for Women

1. Turtleneck Overdress


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Layering your overdress with a shawl or extra t-shirt is not attractive anymore. Instead check out interesting turtleneck overdresses. It gives you a smart look and protects your body from chilly weather. Add on mittens and hats for more protection.

2. Fluffy Blazer


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Velvet fluffy blazers with pom pom beanies form a perfect getup for your workplace. You can purchase such blazers of different colours and experiment in those throughout the season. Wear full-size top underneath or a full-neck shirt which is completely buttoned.

3. Comfort Hoodies


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No more hiding underneath your better-half’s clothes. Get comfortable with cosy layered hoodies. Buy printed and graphic ones in shades such as blue, red, pink etc. The funny quote hoodie with winter puns are the most popular. There are hoodies, which spell your personality traits, such as: I’m warm and fuzzy, let’s put out the cold and get hot etc.

4. Kimono Woollen Shrugs


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Go Asian; discover the beauty of Kimono shrugs. The woollen version of these shrugs are quite fabulous and a winter essential. Choose the one with vivid patterns and prints. Accentuate your solid coloured top with it and give a vibrant touch to your outfit.

5. Leather Coats and Bomber Jackets


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Leather jackets and coats are something you should buy at the very onset of winter. Floral bomber jackets are the best. You can even get embroidered ones. Such jackets and coats can be worn for casual weekends and during regular meetings and outings. You will look the ultimate fashion queen in zipper leather winter jackets.

6. Thermal Underclothes


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Being a fashion police is not just a habit when you are out with friends and family. When on your own at home, you cannot be curled under the blanket all the time. This is when thermal underclothes come to rescue. From cardigan styled top to baggy warm shorts, you must get the necessary to elevate your winter wardrobe.

7. Sweater Dress


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Being trendy attire, sweater dresses are becoming more common for women to wear in the winters. These are comfortable, snazzy for all occasions, and perfect for winter parties. Top your sweater dress with the right jewellery and become the showstopper of the party. Accessorize with statement necklace and look fab.

8. Rainbow Scarves


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From colours to prints, winter full-toned scarves come in various styles. However, if you want a scarf that will match with almost every-coloured clothing, then rainbow scarves are ideal. It will look great on your winter tunic and top. To complete your look, wear a long-sleeved polo t-shirt with sharp and snug denim pants.

9. DIY Rag Skirt and Pants


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Get into the winter mood with self-made or tailored rag pant or skirt. If you are not a Do-it-Yourself enthusiast then you can take someone’s help. There may be few old clothing you want to do away with but rather than disposing those, you can stitch them up to make a new pair of pants or skirts.

Winter Accessories for Women: Improve the Look of Your Attire

10. A Well-knit or Braided Handbag


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Braided and knit handbags are bestsellers in winters. These come in multi-coloured option mostly but there are sellers who provide solid-coloured handbags as well. Carry it for dinner or a date and even to your workplace, and attain that chic look.

11. Threaded Anklets and Bracelets


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Threaded jewelleries are quite popular. It gives you a hypie appearance. You can claim that Boho girl look with threaded bracelets and anklets. These come in various fashions such as Celtic, retro, Bohemian, European and more.

12. Crochet Earrings and Neckpiece


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Unconventional winter jewellery for women has found home in crocheted neckpieces and earrings. These are both simple and elaborate and you can find several design choices in them. These are mainly tribal-styled and bear long frills so that the crochet art can be well explored.

13. Woolly Headgears


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Celebrate Pyjama party and girl’s night out wearing quirky and funny woolly headgears. This winter, you will find many branded woolly headgears in your nearby fashion clothing and accessories store. Get the one that defines you the most and have a good time.

14. Hats and Earmuffs

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If you live in a place that is interrupted with sudden chilly breeze then winter hats and earmuffs are a must. Long beanies and women hats which slip over ears are the best. Yet to keep the hat in position, you may add on woolly earmuffs. It will help you shield the cold winds from disturbing your body heat.

15. Knee High Boots


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Knee-high boots will immediately glam up all your outfits. You can wear it with leather clothing, dress, skirt, denim and many other types of attire. You can easily stand out in the crowd in a knee-high booth, as it represents bold and cool attitude.

Be free, be yourself, but do not be cold in the winter. Pick these outfits and accessories and you are good to go all prepared as a fashion model this season.

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