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16 Showstopper Makeup Ideas for New Year 2018

Have Things in Your Control

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16 Showstopper Makeup Ideas for New Year 2018

The New Year 2018 is just around the corner and it is time to pamper yourself to some fetching makeup hacks, which will leave you pretty, fun-loving, and surely welcoming to the new start of your life. Below mentioned are best New Year makeup looks for women.

MakeUp Ideas for New Year 2018

1. Go Dark on Yourself

Go Dark on Yourself - makeup ideas 2018

Image Source : Pinterest

Bronze and dark-skinned people have an advantage of flaunting their glistening skin as they can easily pair it with contrasting eye-makeup or lipstick. But, hey it is winter and solid colours of dark-shade are in demand, so why not give your lips a touch-up of dark-maroon or brown lipstick and equally bronzed cheeks?

2. Highlight Your Best Features

Highlight Your Best Features

Image Source : Pinterest

This New Year 2018 should be all about focusing on all the good-things you have, including your physical features. So, if you have attractive eyes and facial structures, then you can simply use effects of colours on cheeks, around forehead and eyes to sharpen those features.

3. The Wedding Bird

The Wedding Bird - make up tips 2018

Image Source : Dfrow

Many people get married at the start of a new year, and if you are going to begin a new phase of your life, then you can try new year bridal look with some of the wackiest makeup trick you have learnt all the year-around.

4. New Era Has Begun

New Era Has Begun - sparkling eyes

Image Source : Fashionpotluck

Give yourself a futuristic makeup by going sparkly on your eyes and softer on your lips. It is a contrast, which signifies your boldness to take on to every ups and downs of life. And since you can easily pull-off a new you believe in, this is a must try-out.

5. Do Not Miss the Party

Do Not Miss the Party

Image Source : Nymag

Inspire yourself by the Gaga-look and wear a sequin eye makeup, simultaneously spray your lips with glittery lipstick. You are now all prepared for the New Year 2018 party fashion parade. If you are going to waltz on the floor with your partner, then this is the makeup you should be looking ahead to.

6. Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

Image Source : Thefashionspot

Stand out of the crowd by highlighting your lips this New Year with solid shades such as blue, orange, fluorescent green and more. Keep your lips ahead of the fashion trends and go easy on your skin, choosing a skin-shade matching your skin-tone.

7. All about You

All about You

Image Source : Looklive

Make the start of the New Year all about yourself. Right from your face, eyes, and lips, lift the look with pink-makeup shades. It is best suited for those who are fair-skinned or on milder side of the skin tone. If you have a darker-skin tone then you can choose shades such as cream, dusky yellow, light brown etc.

8. Get Set for Happiness

Get Set for Happiness

Image Source : Glamour

Celebrities today are what they were yesterday. Every passé becomes your present, and every present a way to a better tomorrow. This is the mantra for New Year 2018, even for fashion and makeup trends. If you look yourself, nothing can be better than it. Choose your regular makeup kit and give it a twist of today and add-up new eye-lashes or a lipstick you always wanted.

9. The Morning Look

The Morning Look

Image Source : True-Glue

Carry the fresh out-of-the-bed look with long eye-lashes for your eyes and subtle lipstick and almost a not-done face. Yes, you can take this look even to workplace and yet look fashionable, because a new start is always not perfect but a journey to perfection!

10. Have Things in Your Control

Have Things in Your Control

Image Source : Pinterest

It is now a time to get things in controls after the first few steps of stepping into the unknown yet promising New Year 2018. Stick to the basics, yet not just the basics. By this, we mean, outdo the old you, and take a stride into bold shades for lipsticks, eye-shadow and other areas on the face.

11. Brow Me Fantastic

Brow Me Fantastic

Image Source : Hearstapps

The 2017 year saw a lot many crazy trends for eyebrow makeup, right from squiggly eyebrows to S-shaped ones to others. The New Year 2018 eyebrow makeup can be taken to the next level and set an example for peers to follow. Try out the feather-shaped, or Harry Potter scar-shaped, and Unicorn eyebrows.

12. Metallic Shimmer Shadow

Metallic Shimmer Shadow

Image Source : Blogspot

The metallic shimmer shadow can give you a look of endurance. Use a simple base and liquid foundation that matches your skin colour. Apply the glitter on the brow bone and then wing it out at the corner of each eye. Now line the bottom of the eye to give yourself a smokey-hot appearance. On the lips, apply a slight brush of matte-shade.

13. Natural Look Makeup

Natural Look Makeup

Image Source : Fashionztrend

Natural beauty is said to be the most pretty. But, sometime you can trick yourself to look better by applying slight makeup. Go natural this 2018 with slight primer to tone down any heavy-makeup and give your eyes, a full-open look with help of long-eyelashes. Make your lips seem wider with best of the lipstick shades.

14. An Early Spring

An Early Spring

Image Source : Pinimig

Spring is a metaphor for beauty and what is better than inviting beauty before its time? Choose spring makeup colours and facial lift-ups and get into the mood of a beautiful New Year this 2018. You can wear this look to a day-party and even carry it off on events and get-togethers.

15. The Golden Hour Look

The Golden Hour Look

Image Source : Pinimig

Many glam themselves up to the golden hour look which is an inspiration to celebrities and common people. You can also give yourself the golden-skin with golden eye-liner and shadow and touch of golden shimmer to cheek-bones and lips. It works the best for parties and girls day out together.

16. Graceful to the Skin

Graceful to the Skin

Image Source : Ytimg

Give yourself a new hair-do and makeup for face and surprise everyone around you. After a change this New Year, will definitely prepare for new days. Why not try some odd-yet-trendy colour for hair and lips? Maybe shape your face sharper with highlights or wear a gear for your hair?

The above-mentioned New Year 2018 makeup ideas take inspiration from the past, future, and wring it into present, providing a completely out-of-the-world fashion experience you can have. Do give yourself a new look this 2018, and share the makeup idea you think we should feature next.

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