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19-Winter Diet and Health Tips to Stay Warm and Fit


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19-Winter Diet and Health Tips to Stay Warm and Fit

Winter is a season, where you can enjoy pleasant cold weather. Some places receive chilly winds and snowfall, while others face a moderate climate. Whatever be the degree of coldness, winter is the time, you should also be careful about common season related health issues such as coughs, lethargy, body and joint pains, skin dryness, and depression. There are several ways you can stay fit during winters by taking care of your body, diet, and mental state.

Below mentioned are winter health tips, winter diet tips, and winter lifestyle tips to keep you healthy through chilly weather.


1. Recipe to Avoid Binge Eating

You may tend to feel hungry more often during the winters. It is because the body tries to nourish against weather change and linked stresses. Thus, you may become less active physically and motivated to eat more than necessary, leading to weight gain. A fair way to avoid unnecessary weight gain is to take time out for indoor exercises so that you can be warm and loose some of the flab and keep your craving for food, in check.

2. Check on the Type of “Sweets”

Try to avoid refined sugar, as it can weaken immune system. In winters, it is very important that your immune system stays strong so that you can naturally fight off the infections and viruses. Use healthy sweeteners but in limited quantities. You can utilize Manuka honey, molasses which are rich in iron, coconut sugar, and other minerals with low glycemic index.

3. Eat Freshly Prepared Food

Freshly made food not only improves blood circulation in body, providing it warmth, but also rids of possible infection caused by bacteria and other pests, otherwise susceptible to cold food.

4. Oil Massage on Skin

Give yourself sesame oil massage daily. This will help to moisten skin and avoid the snags of dry season. It will also calm your nervous system. In fact sesame oil has fatty acid, which will repair your dry skin, making it smooth and soft.

5. Have Warming Liquids

No, we do not mean binging on hard-liquor, but definitely you can include 6 to 10 cups of warming beverages such as herbal teas and hot water with honey to keep your body warm and comfortable. It will also help hydrating your body.

6. Get Enough Sleep

Everyone should grab at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep per night. If you do not get sufficient sleep, then in winters, you can become vulnerable to illnesses, and even feel lethargic, dull, and filled with lack of interest to do anything productive.

7. Nuts, Seeds, and Spices

You can have seeds and nuts in appropriate quantity such as cashews, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, sesame seeds, flax seeds etc. These will give you enough natural oils and vitamins needed to warm your body.

8. Increase Fibre Intake

In winters, you may tend to visit for nature’s call lesser than usual because you may want to restrict yourself from visiting washroom over and again. Yes, the scare of coming in contact with water! To keep your bowels clean in cold weather, you must increase fibre intake. Have grains and pulses along with fibre-rich food items.

9. Add Naturally Body-heating Foods

Some of the food items that warm your body, and which you must include in winter diet are: beets, carrots, winter squash, Brussels sprouts, avocados, pumpkins, cabbage, sweet potatoes, mung beans, and onions. Make a delicious soup out of some of these vegetables.

10. Green Diet

Kill those winter pathogens by going green with your diet. Have plenty of bitter green vegetables, cabbage, radicchio, endive, and arugula. You can avoid cucumbers, tomatoes, and leafy lettuce and these are generally cooling summer foods, and you need to keep warm instead.

11. Flavoursome Spice Teas

Plagued with cold? Or fear one? Take on to ginger tea, cardamom tea, cinnamon tea etc. Yes, you can even try pepper teas. There are several spice teas to try out to ease on cold and cough and combat the biting cold.

12. Take a Walk

Every day, you must take a walk outdoors in fresh air at least for 20 minutes to 45 minutes, more if possible. Even though it is cold, it will help you connect with the natural environs and you really do need some sun on your skin for the daily dose of vitamin D. Also, taking a walk out will elevate your mental health and shrug away any depressive signs.

13. Meditate Everyday

To kill the blues, it is best to meditate twice a day. Once in the early morning, and once before you go to bed. It will rest your body and mind and give you the necessary boost to maintain balance with the weather outside.

14. Use Spices in Food

You can pamper your diet with spices such as coriander, cumin, fennel, anise, ginger, black pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, mustard seeds etc. These winter spices can enhance digestion and eliminate gastric issues.

15. Eat Gluten Free Grains

You must have gluten free grains such as brown rice, millet, buckwheat, quinoa etc. These are rich in nutrients which help unclog your digestive system, as the digestive system gets sensitive during the winters.

16. Cut Out Mucous Forming Food

Try avoiding food items such as eggs, dairy items, and others which make you prone to cold and flu. You must also avoid cold food items such as ice cream, iced drinks etc.

17. Healthy Fats Are Welcome

You should not have refined oils during winter but take on to healthy fats such as coconut oil, fish oil, almond oil, olive oil, natural ghee, sesame oil etc. The healthy fats keep your body system clean and your body warm.

18. Vitamin C Rich Diet

Eat winter fruits that are rich in vitamin C, such as tangerines, lemons, oranges etc. These fruits flush out toxins from your body, which allows you to stay fit during winter season.

19. Epsom Salt Bath

Ever heard of warm bath spa? This is exactly what you can treat yourself to even when at home. Fill your bath tub with warm water and dip yourself into it. Treat the water to Epsom salts. You can enjoy a relaxing bath for good few minutes and feel the differences. It is good for skin and rejuvenates energy levels.

So stay positive, fit, warm and happy this winter by following the above-mentioned winter diet food and winter health instructions.

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