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5 Drinks for Monsoon to Enhance Your Immunity and Digestion

seasonal fruit smoothies enhance immunity in monsoon

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5 Drinks for Monsoon to Enhance Your Immunity and Digestion

Rains have just begun, and may be already prepared new umbrella and monsoon wears. Now, it is time to boost your immunity and digestion, because in rainy season many face health issues given water borne diseases, tendencies of cough-cold etc. With drinks and diet to take care of your health, your body-system will naturally become resistant to all the nags of the season.

Drinks for Monsoon to Better Your Immunity

What if you could find many tasty options in beverages to drink this monsoon, which also give your immunity levels a boost? Here are five most important drinks for monsoon that you can access easily.

Healthy Soups

healthy-soup-for-lunch-Enhance Your Immunity

The best way to enhance immunity as well as kill hunger pangs is to include vegetable soups in diet. It also prevents digestion related issues. You must remember that India spices such as black pepper, garlic and herbs act as stimulant and protect body against ill-weather in a way by washing out toxins and improving immunity.
Also as anti-inflammation agent, well-spiced protein soups can put a stop to craving for unhealthy junk food, which you must stay away from in rainy season.

Cinnamon Flavoured Tea or Water

Cinnamon Flavoured Tea or Water immunity
If you have trouble with digestion, especially in rainy season, then here is a simple home remedy- add a cinnamon stick to boiling tea and have a swig of the strong flavoured tea. You can even add the cinnamon stick to a glass of water and have it stay overnight, before drinking in the morning. These will assist in cleansing bowel and better digestion, as well as keep up your immunity level.

Jaljeera with Ginger

ginger enhance immunity in monsoon

Have you ever heard the elderly talking about benefits of ginger and jaljeera? If not, we are here to tell you. By simply making a drink of jaljeera spiked with crushed ginger will kill the microbes and germs in body and empower your immunity system. It also keeps the seasonal cough and cold at bay. You will remain energetic through the day with no laziness.

Tulsi Leaves Enriched Water

tulsi enhance immunity in monsoon

Drinking warm water does safeguard you from bacteria active in monsoon, but adding tulsi leaves to a glass of warm water does hundred times the good than simply boiled or purified water. As tulsi leaves contain anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, these are must to be included in diet and liquids to maintain a good immunity level through the oncoming months.

Seasonal Fruits’ Juice

seasonal fruit smoothies enhance immunity in monsoon

You may limit the intake of leafy vegetables during rains, but there is no stopping from consuming seasonal fruits drinks and juices. Make sure you drink juices made from freshly cut fruits, and not those that were already chopped and kept aside. Avoid roadside fruit juices but make a glass for you at home. Fresh fruits to try in monsoon are cherries, kiwis, guava, oranges, which offer vitamin C – important vitamin for strengthening immunity.

Feeling thirsty already? We do not blame you, because the above-mentioned drinks are not only healthy but appetizing as well. Try these out and feel a difference in health already.

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