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6 Blouse Designs for Your Saree


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6 Blouse Designs for Your Saree

A saree is just a piece of fabric if not accompanied by the right blouse design. Draping a saree in style is not enough to create the appeal. You need to pick the right designer blouse to go with the fabric. We have always been impressed by the unique blouse choices of Maya Sarabhai in the popular soap Sarabha Vs Sarabhai. Here are some more equally enigmatic picks for your wardrobe:

Cape Style Blouse Design

Taapsee Pannu wore a black cape style blouse designed by Jayanti Reddy to go with her cream coloured saree. The cape style blouse with high neck and bat wing style sleeves looked classy. The cape styled blouses are a good pick for women with smaller bust line and a shapely figure.

V-Neck Style Halter Blouse


When it comes to refined choices, you can never ignore Sonam Kapoor. Her choice of blouse with refined V-neck and sagging hem lace blouse was stunning. It went well with the plain saree she chose to wear. When you pick an elaborately designed blouse to go against a plain saree, the ensemble looks magnificent.

Printed Blouse with Flap Hands

If you wish to look stylish even in your traditional ethnic attire, pick something funky like a printed blouse with flap sleeves. These go well against plain or contrasting sarees. The printed blouses with elaborate floral or paisley print draw instant attention.

Rhinestone Bodice Halter Strap Style Blouse


The strap style halter neck is in itself distinctive. It gives you the look of an aspiring model. The blouse is heavily embellished to give it the perfect rich look. The hater neckline is joined to the bosom with embroidered straps. The blouse gives you the perfect spring season finish. You appear to have just blossomed as you wear something so distinctive and beautiful.

Pelpum Shirt Full Sleeves Kutch Blouse

Sonam Kapoor is known for her classy tastes when it comes to ethnic attires. If you wish to look different while you wear the traditional saree, pick a blouse as colourful and fresh-looking as this one. The full-sleeves Kutch Blouse has a base material of white cotton cloth on which a lot of colourful embroidery work is done.

Corset Style Satin Blouse with Net Sleeves

You may use a silk-satin embroidered fabric to stitch yourself a corset style blouse. While the fashion of corsets is long gone, even today these outfits can make you look shapely and appealing. Go for georgette sarees or lightweight net sarees to go with these blouses and just observe the magical effect it has.

It does not matter what attire you choose to wear for a certain occasion. What matters really is how you drape it and how you carry it. If you plan to wear a saree, pick a blouse pattern that goes with your body shape. Select the right accessories to match with the ensemble. It does not matter whether you choose flat footwear or heels, you must wear it to suit your get-up.

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