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7 Fashion Hacks for Everyday Simple to Glamorous College Girl

college girl dress

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7 Fashion Hacks for Everyday Simple to Glamorous College Girl

You want to keep up with trend, yet want the clothes to not become un-wearable for the next season? This is a common dilemma for a college girl, who has to daily visit the classes in a way she does not seem a bore. No, we are not talking about buying trench coat with studded diamonds to create that jaw-dropping effect, because college girls do not dress that way in their real life.

We are going to tell you about the college wardrobe must haves and easy fashion mantra that will give you a distinct personality.

Everyday Fashion Hacks

college girl dress

1. Jeans that Fit Well


Jeans are the basic wear for a college girl’s closet. The trick to make one appealing even in simple clad jeans is to get denim that fits well. You do not want to walk around picking up pants every now and then! Purchase 4 to 5 pair of jeans that are of different style, such as ripped jeans, faded jeans, a mix between Capri and cargo- and make sure you do not wear them every alternate day but space it out.

2. Tees or Tanks


A few basic tank tops or tees of varying lengths go a long way. Colours to try are white, red, pink, yellow, grey, black and navy blue, which can be worn in monsoon and spring. You can try on layered out tees with long sleeved tops and jackets now and then to bring in a different look.

3. Classic Dresses


Of course going to college everyday is not a prom night. You do not have to buy flashy dress that is better suited for only special occasions. You may need those ‘little black dresses and ones plain prints that provide chic and haute appearance. Choose shades for dress that flatters your skin tone.

4. Chic Cardigans


If you are up north or in area that encounters extreme winter, then cardigans are your best friend. 100% cashmere cardigans are not a necessary, but it does add on a zing to your attire. Combine these with tops and tees to accentuate your persona.

5. A Bag That Holds Everything


Often girls are known to have the need to carry makeup tools, the necessaries and a lot more into their handbags. If these are so important, you must invest in a good handbag that lasts for a period. Select a leather, canvas or fake-leather bag which matches up to your clothing. The right bag is the one that works equally for day and night. Classic one with metal accents and zippered compartments will give you an ‘organized’ characteristic.

6. Dressy Tops and Sassy Pants


Look for fun fabrics, cute prints and bright colours on dressy tops under your spring jacket or pair it with heels and jeans to hit a party. If you want to quote a bold statement, then an uber-low cut top will do the deal. Get a casual trouser, which works for both informal and formal occasions like presentations, meeting etc.

7. 1-2 Pairs Casual Shoes/Boots


Boots- you heart that? Whenever girls hear about discounts on footwear, you will find the shop lined with college girls looking for their favourite pair. And why should not you pamper yourself to a good-looking heels or flat-shoes or that cowboy boots when you can carry it off? Just a tip: keep it natural so that the footwear looks a part of attire and not a stranger.

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Image Source: Pinterest, Pixabay

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