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7 Finger Tattoo Designs that will leave your Awestruck

Finger tattoo design

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7 Finger Tattoo Designs that will leave your Awestruck

Hands and fingers are officially our favourite places to get inked now. We do see a growing trend of finger tattoos these days, and let us tell you- it really looks hot! Right from that couple, who had complimentary or similar tattoos to match with their better half with the same pattern, people have gone ahead to make a strong statement with finger tattoos.

Designs on fingers are generally fine and small in appearance and texture. Either you exclusively give in to your love for tattoos by getting all your fingers (including thumb!), tattooed or selectively get one or more of these patterned.

Here are some of the most fetching finger tattoos you can get one for yourself today!

Finger Tattoo Designs

Finger tattoo design

For your Beloved and Family

Married couples sometimes get date of their marriage tattooed on fingers, while engaged ones often spend less on engagement rings and get the markings of same tattooed on fingers. Heart shapes and name of loved ones are some of the common finger tattoos trend.

Explore the Wilderness

Who is your favourite animal? Now just don’t keep them in your thoughts, but get these tattooed on your fingers. It is a popular trend anyways! We also know that people love to get prints of wild roses, flowers and even mythical creatures like dragons, unicorns etc drawn on their fingers.

Personalized Space

For some, tattoo is more than an art and fashion tool. It is more about how they look at themselves or their surroundings. These tattoos generally hold a deep meaning to an important event in their lives. The designs here are not showy or even if these are, it is hard to predict what these actually mean as these are too personal to the person. If you have anything as such in your mind, then you can become the enigmatic one with charming finger tattoo.

Celtic and Retro Designs

Are you the hard metal fan or Celtic follower? You can get designs like skull, sword, crown, bones, vampire, cross, witchcraft, roman numerals, religious tattoos for your fingers. Some even get Braille script done over their fingers, which is quite unique indeed!

The History Fanatic

Are you the knowledge geek who is much influenced by history of civilizations? Then you can represent your liking for it with themed depictions on your finger in tattoo form. Some even get inked with designs of pharaoh’s face, tombs, shields, queens or soldier’s attire tattooed on their fingers.

Calligraphy of Quotes

An alphabet on every finger that spells a word/s, name or phrase is most practised style in finger tattoos. It not only gives more room of expression, but lets the tattoo artist play with his/her imaginations while working on a design.

When One plus One Makes Two

Let two of your fingers tell a tale! For example a bow and arrow tattoo on fingers with one finger bearing bow design, and the other that of an arrow or a kettle pouring in tea (one one finger) into a teacup (another finger). There are several such ideas that can be explored, get a fashionable one for yourself.

Though permanent tattoos are highly desirable, if you want it just of one-time sakes or keep changing the patterns, then you can go for a temporary tattoo as well. These wear away in few days, and you can again get another temporary tattoo etched.

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