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8 Foods to Lift Your Mood Naturally

Food to Boost Mood Naturally

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8 Foods to Lift Your Mood Naturally

Feeling moody, sulky or disturbed? We have the right kind of food to mention which will give you the natural high and boost your mood.

Mood Boosting Foods

Food to Boost Mood Naturally

Here are 8 foods combination that gives you energy and will help in boosting your mood.

1. Buckwheat and Avocado

The husk of buckwheat is full of vitamin B, which has connection with improving mood and energy levels by aiding the production of serotonin. It also has amino acid tryptophan, an important protein that makes serotonin in brain. Avocados are also packed with Vitamin B6 and amino acid tryptophan with additional folic acid and vitamin E that eliminates apathy, irritability, and anxiety.

2. Bananas and Blackberries

These are treasure-box of all vitamins, good carbohydrates that can be whipped into a sunny smoothie, soya milk shake or sandwiched between slabs of cake/cream etc. Bananas are known to elevate mood by providing its part of nutrients, essential for easing neurotransmission. On the other hand, blackberries are packed with antioxidants, folic acid and count in foods that uplift mood. Moreover bananas and blackberries together make for great buddies in milkshakes.

3. Milk and Brown Bread

Milk comprises of vitamin D and vitamin B6 with good carbohydrates. It is considered as comfort food with no added excessive sugar. So, you can always count on milk to refresh your mood. Similarly, wholegrain bread is also harbinger of happiness as it releases amino acids, proteins, and nutrients necessary to improvise brain function. It also generates the feel-good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine.

4. Sunflower Seeds and Spinach

Sunflower seeds are a powerhouse of vitamin E, folic acid, omega 3 and 6 fatty acid, soluble fibre- all which help regulate moods by controlling production of serotonin in brain. It makes you feel ‘happy’ in every way, and it is a healthy inclusion in diet. Spinach has magnesium and like its counterpart, soluble fibre that helps free stress. You can make spinach soup and chew on roasted sunflower seeds- a good accompaniment.

5. Dark Chocolate and Coffee

Though known as comfort foods, dark chocolate and coffee both contain caffeine which does boost your mood. You can have a lot of dark chocolate, but must go easy on coffee; perhaps two cups of coffee in four days would do the trick. Both of these items helps create better brain activity and keep you thinking positive, because it leads to more of serotonin production.

6. Lentils and Sweet Potatoes

Lentil has folic acid, protein and soluble fibre as well as carbohydrates which gives you sustainable energy. Sweet potatoes have vitamin C and A, potassium and antioxidants. Unlike refined sugary foods, sweet potatoes and lentils do not make you feel drained out after spurt of brief energy, but can keep you happy through the day.

7. Citrus Fruits and Pineapples

Citrus fruits like orange have vitamin C in bounty. These are mood boosters because of norepinephrine content, which is a chemical necessary for transferring information to the brain through nerves. Pineapples also have different vitamins and consist of naturally occurring enzymes that aid digestion, thus free you from grumpiness and tiredness after a heavy meal.

8. Seafood and Egg Yolks

Selenium is a mineral found in oysters, shrimps and prawns, which work with vitamin E in order to expel toxins from body. It is a great source of fighting depression and anxiety. Low selenium can cause negative mood states, and seafood is an accurate food items to shut out the blues. You can even have egg yolks, which contain omega 3, and 6 fats, chemical cholin, and vitamin D which are friendlier towards good mood.

These are mood enhancing foods that you can easily get in your kitchen or market. Go grab them and change your mood right now.

Follow these simple but natural health tips and stay healthy.

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