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Review – Amrutam’s Orthokey Pain Oil Helpful for All Body Pain


Product Review

Review – Amrutam’s Orthokey Pain Oil Helpful for All Body Pain

Hello, everyone! Today I’ll be reviewing Orthokey Oil which is manufactured by Amrutam Pharmaceuticals. Orthokey Oil is a traditional Ayurvedic herbal treatment for all your orthopedic requirements. This oil is useful in all types of body pain and contains Gandhpura, Ajwain sat, Kapoor, Pudina sat and Lahsun.

Review - Amrutam’s Orthokey Pain Oil Helpful for All Body Pain


Rs. 439 for 200 ml


Each 5 ml contains:
Gandh pura – 525 mg , Ajawain sat- 50 mg, Kapoor- 50 mg, Pudina sat- 50 mg, Nilgiri-150 mg, Erand tail-100 mg, Alsi tail- 100 mg, Rasna- 100 mg, Daru Haldi- 100 mg, Sallakhi- 50 mg, Guggle-50 mg, Ginger- 50 mg, Lahsun- 50 mg, Pyaaj- 50 mg, Malkagni-10 mg, Nirgundi- 20 mg, Nagar mota- 10 mg, Bala- 10 mg, Soya bean Oil base Q.S.



-Helps effectively and instantly to provide relief from any sort of body pain.
-Massaging regularly will also help strengthen the muscles
-Effective in joint pain associated with arthritis, lumbago, sciatica stiff neck, backache, muscular sprain and spasm.

This oil can be used on all types of body pains. Isn’t that cool? I often suffer from recurring shoulder ache and back pain. This condition is what comes complimentary with a sedentary lifestyle. I’m sure a lot of people experience body pain and the reasons may be varied.

The color of the oil is dark greenish brown which is similar to the Navratna Oil. Even the fragrance is very similar to Navratna oil. It comes inside a plastic bottle which has a gold-colored cap on top of it. I haven’t seen any leakage from the cap (which I’ve seen in a few other products) and the bottle is also travel-friendly. I applied the pain oil on my shoulders and massaged in circular motions for around a minute. The effect is a cooling sensation (which is always my favorite part) that is very soothing. I didn’t feel any pain initially but after a few minutes, I still experienced some pain which was milder than before. So after a while, I decided to apply the oil again. This time the action was quicker and my pain disappeared. I still wasn’t sure if I was finally free from the trouble, so I was still anticipating for the pain to arise. But thankfully, my shoulder pain was nowhere to be felt.

After this, I used the product again a few times and found it effective. I also applied it on my lower back and knee. During the course of my application, I never encountered any side effects of the product.


The volume of the product provided at this price is good. If you’re someone who constantly needs pain relief solutions, then this might be for you.

If you wana try this product go ahead and buy

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