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Are You Still Hungry Even After Eating? It Is a Thing to Be Worried


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Are You Still Hungry Even After Eating? It Is a Thing to Be Worried

We all have days when no matter how much we eat, we still feel hungry. It is not a problem if such days in your life are few. However, if this is a consistent thing then this could be more serious problem that you think it is.
If on an everyday basis you seem to get hungry even after you have eaten, you should definitely check if everything is right with you. You should not neglect this as it could be a symptom for many diseases or health disorders. However, before you go there, why don’t you check if you are eating the right portion size, if you dieting or not eating enough for your body size, height and body type, it is very much possible that you would find yourselves feeling hungry more often than usual. This might also obviously happen when you are on a diet or changed your daily diet to a different one.


If you have not done any major lifestyle or diet changes and you eat the right portion for your body and you still feel hungry after eating. Then, this might be due to one of the reasons listed below:

You might be eating a high-carb diet:

Not all carbohydrates are bad, having said that, If your diet is just consisting of only carbs then it might be the reason for you feeling hungry even after eating. If you tend to eat a lot of refined carbs such as flour and also refined sugars, you need to check your diet and amend it to include other types of nutrients. Refined carbs and sugars take very little time to digest as they are known as simple carbs and been broken down easily and absorbed quickly. Hence, it is best to not take refined carbohydrates.

You might be eating food with less protein:

Proteins are essential nutrients for your body and it important to have enough proteins in your everyday meals. Proteins are very important to build muscles in your bodies. Proteins also make you feel full for longer as they get digested slowly. So, Is it possible that you are eating enough proteins in your meals? If so try to add high protein foods like fish, lean meat, lentils and milk products to your diet.

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You might not be eating enough dietary fiber:

Complex carbs and dietary fibers are good for your health and especially help in weight management. Complex carbohydrates and dietary fibers take longer than the usual food to digest and get absorbed in your body. Hence, do check if you have included enough dietary fibers in your diet and meals. To add more dietary fibers to your meals, include foods like millets, fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains.

You might not be eating enough healthy fats:

Please just don’t freak out in the name of fats. Healthy fats also exist which do a lot of good to your body. Healthy fats are very vital for the functioning of your body. Healthy fats also help keep the inflammation levels of the body in check. Healthy fats also help you feel full for longer. Hence, do include healthy fats like sunflower seeds, flax seeds, avocado, olive oil, walnut, almonds, ghee and pistachios.



Most often neglected, depression is one reason why you would not be feeling full and not making you hungry. When few people are depressed and sad they tend to eat a lot especially, they tend to munch on snacks or munchies. Comfort food generally presents you with some comfort or relief for just some time however; it might do some long lasting damage to your physical and mental health. If you feel sad frequently and if you tend to reach out to snacks or food to make yourself feel better. Probably, you need get yourself checked.


Hyperthyroidism causes a lot of hormone issues which are generally found in only women and this might also lead to obesity. Hence, one of the symptoms of this disease could be you feeling hungry very frequently even after having your meals. If you suspect this, then, get a health check p to see of you are suffering from hyperthyroidism.

You are missing your meals:

If you are skipping meals in a day, either you are busy or you are planning to lose weight. Skipping the meals is not a good thing at all. Especially if you are planning to lose weight by missing a meal in the day will not work and in contrast actually may lead to increase in the weight.

You might be sleep deprived:

Enough sleep is very important for body to functions properly. All body parts and organs need time to relax and rejuvenate and sleep is the best form to give all them some relaxation. Not getting adequate sleep may result in increased stress levels and also can rise up the levels of free oxygen radicals which can also be very dangerous for your body. This will reduce the metabolism levels of the body and could affect the digestive system too which may make you feel hungry all the times. Hence, it is vital for you to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day.

Could be a symptom of diabetes:

If you don’t see any other reason why you would be feeling hungry always even having your food, then it is better to get yourselves checked for diabetes. Diabetic patients also can feel hungry all time due the resistance of insulin in their body, hence, it is better to get this check if the problem is persistent for too long.

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You tend to look at pictures or videos of food:

This may sound silly but if you tend to watch a lot of cooking videos or pictures, you may feel hungry very often. The images of delicious food would make your brain crave for food which would in turn make you feel hungry.

So, if you are hungry even after eating, the above reasons are few of the primary check points you need to think about.

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1 Comment

  1. Antonysamy

    February 8, 2019 at 11:19 am

    Great post on diet and eating habits. After reading it one would check whether he/she gets hungry.

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