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Are Your Jeans Too Tight? Learn How to Stretch Them Out


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Are Your Jeans Too Tight? Learn How to Stretch Them Out

When we put on some weight, the first clothing item which alarms about it is our jeans. A tighter pair of jeans almost always means a weight gain. However, did you notice that sometimes, even when you feel like you haven’t put on weight your jeans would get too tight? This generally happens right after you wash your jeans.

Commonly, jeans which are mostly made of denim shrink after soaking in colder water and drying. Hence, the temporary tightness of jeans is not actually a result of you putting on weight but actually a result of you washing it. Now that it is a relief that you didn’t increase a few inches, the immediate problem is to get them back into normal shape. How to stretch your jeans without causing any damage to them is a million dollar question for which only a few have an answer.

Don’t worry! We have brought one of the easiest techniques you can use and practice at your home itself with minimum and basic equipment or things. We promise, once you start practicing this method you will never get too big for jeans, well, unless you actually did put on few pounds.


Try Lukewarm Water Spray And Stretch

Things needed

  • Lukewarm water
  • Spray bottle
  • Measuring tape
  • The denim that you want to stretching

How much time will it take?

  • 15 – 20 minutes

How to go about it?

  • Approximately measure the present size of the jeans you want to stretch; just to check that there is an actual difference.
  • Focus on approximately measuring the part you want to stretch such as waist. In case of waist, firstly size it while it is buttoned.
  • Put the jeans on the floor, and spray some water which is lukewarm front and back sides of the jeans until they are fully soaked.
  • Spot an area close your waist, on both sides.
  • Place your feet on the pockets and stand on your jeans, and pull your jeans from one side first.
  • Keep on repeating this procedure for about 10 to 15 times, or according to your need.
  • Don’t forget to open the waist button; if you forget to do so, the whole procedure would be useless. Additionally, the pressure can tear the buttons off.
  • Also, refrain from using any loops such as handles, as they can be broken very easily.
  • For a length-wise stretch, you should identify a part that is slight below the knee area as it’s simpler and quicker to work with.
  • Again, try spraying the area you want to stretch.
  • You can stand on the drier part of the jeans, and stretch with both hands.
  • Do this at least 10 times before you measure.
  • Now measure it for one final time and gauge the difference.
  • Get into your jeans, and check if you have achieved desirable results.

Hence, from next time when you jeans get tighter, instead of panicking try out this amazing way to stretch your jeans at home.

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