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B2vida – B2 Active Facial Essence Review

Product Review

B2vida – B2 Active Facial Essence Review

Hello all you lovely ladies,
We face so many skin problems these days, due to our hectic routines, we don’t even get time to go for treatments regularly. Our exposure to sun, pollution, our food habits, our lifestyle, cumulatively result in our skin becoming dry and dull, which makes us look twice our age. Especially the facial skin, cause it is the sensitive part. We use so many various face washes, so many products which have no effect on our skin problems. We keep changing them.

We have gone for facials, at least once in our lives. Facials are massage treatments for face. It can help you slow down the ageing process and can prevent wrinkles from appearing on your skin. It also increases blood circulation and oxygen flow, which promotes collagen and makes your skin glow and you look younger. Today we are going to know about the B2Vida facial essence. It is a product of a New zealand based cosmetic company. So I came across this facial essence while surfing through facebook, and what I loved about this product was it had 24 carat gold flakes in it. I knew it then, I had to have it.

About B2 Active Facial Essence:

As I said this product has 24 carat gold flakes, which was the first thing that attracted me to this product. Also it has a fine packaging. It comes in a container like an injection which is transparent so that we can see the gold flakes floating in the liquid. Second was the smell, when I opened the container it’s aroma filled the air and it was so good and relaxing. I finally used the product after inhaling almost all the aroma in the air, yes it is that good. As written on the instruction manual I applied some amount on my wrist first, to see if it suits my skin. And even after 20 mins there was no reaction or allergy that had been caused due to this, so I knew we were good to go. After that I applied it to my face and massaged gently on my face as instructed, I felt so relaxed and calm. Just like how you feel by the facials done by the professionals. After sometime I washed it off and I saw how my skin got this instant glow and it felt smoother than before. I used this product for nearly one month every week and I saw the difference in my skin. My skin felt soft, light, glowing and better than before.

Also, my skin is too oily, so I usually avoid applying any moisturizers or creams on my face. But when I applied B2 Active Facial Essence it was so smooth and got absorbed in my skin so fast. Its texture is light. So thumbs up for B2vida Facial Essence. Would highly recommend.

Claims :

To stimulate proliferation of the skin cells
To regenerate the skin cells
To moisturise the skin and make it glow.

How to use it. (first timers guide):

Take small amount of the facial essence on the inside of your wrist and wait for 20 mins to see if allergy and irritation occurs.
Then, if it suits your skin, apply small amount on cleansed face and neck, massage gently until it is fully absorbed. Then take a moisturiser and apply it on your face. Best time to use it is either in the morning or evening.


Water, Collagen Peptide, Hamamelis Viginiana leaf water, Betaine, Malus Domestica stem cells extract, Phormium Tenax leaf extract, Harakeke Flax gel, Phenoxyethanol, 24 carat Gold Flakes, Bee Venom, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E.


$79 (via paypal)

Final verdict : I think it’s a must have for all the women who don’t have time to go out for a beauty facial regularly, consumes less time and it’s very effective.

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