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Be prepared this Monsoon – Fashion Hacks for Men

Monsoon Fashion Hacks-min

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Be prepared this Monsoon – Fashion Hacks for Men

When was the last time rains extinguished your weekend plans with your best buddies? Monsoon comes every year and brings along days where you cannot go out because you’d get wet and then that soggy feeling with damp clothes can actually ruin the fun time that you thought you would spend outside. However, don’t we all love rains for quite some reasons?

Monsoon Fashion Hacks-min

It is not only about the weekends that come to a pause but the regular days heading to college, shopping complex or any other place that can’t be ignored, rains can hamper your look for so many reasons.

Fret not friends!!

Fashion Hacks for Men

We’ve compiled a list of some fashion hacks that can help you through the monsoon season without regretting that you don’t look good.

Waterproof your shoes on the outside

Waterproof your shoes on the outside - Monsoon fashion Hacks-min

In the monsoon season, you can invest in a pair of PVC shoes that are totally monsoon-friendly. You can step out in the rain without fearing that your fashionable footwear will be crying as you get drenched. You can wear them for the time you’re out and swap with whatever you were supposed to wear with the outfit later. On the other hand, you can buy some beeswax from the departmental store and apply the same on your formal shoes (Derbies and more) and blow dry them in order to make them waterproof. This aspect is not applicable on Suede shoes or fabrics that would get ruined if the beeswax is applied.

Get the newspaper to dry your shoe inside

Get the newspaper to dry your shoe inside - Monsoon Fashion Hacks-min

You’ve already stepped outside in your one and only shoe that you’re going to wear the rest of the day. Walked through the puddles of water, the inside of the shoe won’t be spared from the rain water. What you can do now is – dab some newspaper on the inside and let the water be soaked up in the newspaper. However, you need to understand that you’d want to change the paper ball from time to time in order to help your shoe dry up faster.

Go for lightweight fabrics

Go for lightweight fabrics - Monsoon Fashion Hacks

When it comes to dressing and improving your personal style with every season (including monsoon), you need to invest in lightweight fabrics. Why lightweight? Because, even if you get drenched while heading to work, you’d dry of easily without staying wet for a longer duration.

Don’t go in for whites

Dont go in for whites - Monsoon fahion hacks-min

Rains and white colored clothes are not the best friend combinations. Whites are for the sunny days when you look brighter in the monochrome color, but when it comes to the monsoon, the peace color is prone to getting dirtier than the other shades. It looks messy and not good when you have spots of muddy water all over them. Opt for darker shades or colors that don’t look too odd with the spots.

Get your hair trimmed or at least use a gel

Get your hair trimmed or at least use a gel - Monsoon fashion hacks-min

We know how long do guys take to set that hair in the perfect manner. A number of time women take in getting their makeup done is quite proportionate to how much time men take to get their hair done. How painful it is to find them losing their actual look while getting wet. There are two options with which you can fix this problem – either you get your hair trimmed so that they don’t look like you’ve come out of the Jumanji game or you can use a waterproof hair gel or spray to make them stay the way you’ve set them.

Monsoon is right there! Go ahead and get drenched yet stay fashionable.

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