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Beauty Tips From Ram Dev Baba Himself


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Beauty Tips From Ram Dev Baba Himself

Baba Ramdev is a very well-regarded yoga guru of India who has influenced millions of people across the world to lead a healthy and happyRamdev Baba’s Patanjali sansthan is making a lot of productive products for skin because of which you will get used to the things that come with chemicals in Baba Ramdev beauty tips. All the things said, Baba Ramdev of mana yoga guru in the entire country are included in his life.

Because Baba Ramdev is against the use of medicines, he believes in the ancient medical practice of Ayurveda and helps people’s disorder cured in a natural and Ayurvedic manner at home. The major advantage of this medicinal practice is that there are no side effects.


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Let’s take a look at some of the Baba Ramdev beauty tips that we can follow for a better and glowing skin.

Practice Kapal Bhathi Pranayama:

Kapalbhati pranayama is a process of breathing, in which the lungs are completely cleaned. Most of the carbon dioxide comes out in the kapal bhathi pranayama. It also helps the body to absorb oxygen easily.

Try to do pranayama for at least 6 months to see visible skin results. This process improves the oxygen flow to the skin cells, improving its texture and health. It should be done 2 times a day for 15 minutes.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel:

By taking Patanjali aloe vera, the facial skin and body skin are good on your face, on the neck and with the pulp of aloe vera on your hands, massage in the daytime and night makes extra stain on the face. Daily before going to bed at night, massage aloe vera gel on your face, hands, arms, legs and do not forget your neck. In the morning you will find that never-before glow and shine on your face.

Aloe vera is an effective skin toner for you to clean the face. Using it daily on the face gives extra oil to the skin of the face and due to this the pimples of your face are also removed.

If you have a stretch mark on your body due to your obesity and your pregnancy, you will reduce your stretch marks to a large extent by doing daily massage of aloe vera.

Aloe vera is a beautiful treatment for the beauty and flashes of face and for the treatment of nail head scars and removal of pimples.

Drink more than water on a daily basis:

Drink lots of water as it will clean your system. Our body is recycled completely by water pins, so you should drink 3 to 4 liters of water a day. This flushes out the toxins from your skin and your body and is good for a healthy skin and hair. This also makes sure your body is not dehydrated.

Uses of Natural Gram Flour Pack:

Patanjali producer and yoga guru Baba Ramdev speaks to you about using Ayurvedic products and natural things. Besan is very beneficial for the face. Use besan or gram flour for washing your face is one of Baba Ramdev skin care tips. It is one of the best cleansers for skin instead of expensive face washes which are loaded with chemicals.

Washing your face daily by using gram flour is beneficial to you. Or you have to put the gram flour of the gram flour on a face like a face pack with a rose water. By applying it to you for 2 weeks, you get rid of unwanted hair in your face and comes to your face.

Include Lemon in your daily skin care regime:

Ramdev Baba ji suggests that lemon should be rubbed on your face once in a day to remove timings like stains, sun tanning and pimples on the Ayurvedic basis at home only at home.

Mixing lemon juice and mixing it with baking soda yaniki mixed with soda, comes to your facial skin. It should be kept for 15 minutes on the face and then washed with warm hot water.

Doing so helps in improves the tone and texture of your face. Rubbing lemon or nimbu on your face will help you get rid of dead skin cells and will lighten your skin tone.

Choose to drink Fresh Juices:

Baba Ramdev urges to refrain from drinking any kind of soft drinks or cold drinks, instead you can choose to drink juices made from fresh fruits daily, this will make your skin glow. Opt for fresh juices each day instead of any kind of artificially flavored drinks. Fill your body with natural foods and you will see the glow in your skin. Consuming aloe vera or amla juice daily is excellent for skin as it provides the body with essential nutrients.
Drinking cold drinks could affect your stomach’s function too.

Due to this you have to go under the problems of indigestion and acidity. Ramdev Baba says that consuming fresh fruits is always better than consuming packet juice that is available in the packet.

Some additional beauty tips by Baba Ramdev:

  • Rub your face with a cloth or towel after taking a shower and while your skin is already wet. This will act as exfoliation and will make your skin glow. Follow Baba Ramdev skin care tips an excellent tip for fading marks on skin as well.
  • Garlic juice is an antiseptic and hence it can be used on skin to cut down the infections.
    Wear natural fabrics which will regulate your body temperature and will keep infections at bay. You must also avoid touching your face often.
  • Before going to bed at night, rubbing raw milk is a very good idea. You should leave it on overnight and the next morning you must wash it off. This will help you in getting a lighter complexion and will lend the much needed glow.
  • If you cannot find time for yoga, you can at least try Baba Ramdev skin care tips of meditation and deep breathing. These will purify your body as well as mind.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Katherine Dilworth

    June 20, 2018 at 11:25 am

    Great tips. Aloe vera has worked wonderfully for every skin type and also is beneficial for hair as well. I liked the yoga exercises mentioned in the post and would love to try it for my kin. Keep sharing such great beauty tips with the readers.

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