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Colors You Need to Wear to Rock the Ultimate Summer Look

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Colors You Need to Wear to Rock the Ultimate Summer Look

Summer 2018 is already here. So girls! Get your summer dresses and shorts out of your wardrobe because it going to get seriously hot. However, we always tend to wonder what colors to wear in summer because unlike winter which so forgiving of all colors, summers doesn’t suit our favorite black or dark colored dresses. Don’t you worry! The spring /summer looks at all major fashion houses of the world are out and ladies, we have so many options when it comes to summer colors.

While drawing some fashion tips from these major fashion weeks and fashion houses let see the colors you need to wear to rock the ultimate summer look.


Lavender is such a subtly feminine color. It is also a perfectly refreshing color against the blazing summer sun. There is a hint of romance to this color. You can wear gowns, summer dresses, cotton shirts or kurtis in Lavender color this summer. Lavender even turns masculine attire like suits or pants into a feminine affair.

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Dark but not too dark to be a trouble in summer. Purple is a perfect color for dawn to take a break from pastel summer colors. It has femininity and a mystery to it. A purple dress would be perfect for evening dates or hangouts in summer. You can also wear casual ganjis or tube tops in this color. Experiment with purple pants to stand out in a crowd.

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Sky Blue

Sky blue ruled the spring /summer fashion shows. It is refreshingly breezy color. It sets a calm tone in scorching heat. Especially, sky blue kurtis on jeans looks amazing for an indo-western fusion summer look. Mix and match sky blue with different colors for a unique look.

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Yellow automatically screams summer. It is the only color which matches the brightness of the season. Yellow makes you stand out. It is totally the color for the season. Do invest in few beautiful yellow garments for the summer season. Yellow accessories too look very fashionable when paired with the right attire. Maxis in yellow look refreshing, don’t forget about breezy yellow chiffon sarees for the perfectly breezy and sexy ethnic look.

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Light Green

Light green is a color very close to nature and looks adorable. Especially, in summers it helps to keep the look cool and calm. It is a delicate color which is very easy on eyes. Try out light green tees or skirts for that ultimate cool look in a hot summer.


Rapture Rose

Rapture rose is a very unique and soothing shade of pink. It is not very over the top and girly. This color has a certain elegance to it. Works really well when you don’t want to wear the same old basic and usual colors this summer. You wear western looks like rapture rose dresses, skirts, maxis, shirts or pants. You can also experiment with rapture rose ethnic looks like kurtis, salwars, and sarees.

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You don’t have to restrict yourself to only these colors. Experiment with fashion and its colors this summer to create your own individualized fashionable look.

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