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“Come and Be Surprised!” – By Bata’s New Red Label Collection

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“Come and Be Surprised!” – By Bata’s New Red Label Collection

Over the past year, Bata has launched a bunch of new and trendy collection, proving that they can attract younger audiences as well. Their latest campaign is – “Come and be surprised” (and believe me, you’re going to be) featuring Kriti Sanon, showing off the new Bata Red label collection. And it’s everything you’ve ever wanted and more.

We all have memories of running into a Bata store just before our school re-opened. Well, now we’ve got new reasons! Their newest collection is chic and trendy. The collection includes comfy casual shoes, loafers and also, sexy pump heels, block heels, stilettos. Lets take a look!

1. Casual shoes

If all you’re looking for is comfortable yet classy shoes, they’ve got it for you. With a lot of options when it comes to colour and prints, and also at a reasonable price, you won’t be able to say no.




2. Loafer slides

If you want to add a bit of style but still want to keep it simple, these are what you’re looking for. And they’ve got you covered for both casual and party occasions.

Loafer slides 1 Loafer slides 2 Loafer slides

3. Block heels and pump sandals

Go all out with these fashionable yet elegant collection of block heels. Block heels are comfortable, classy and all you need to make a bold statement, and you don’t need to worry about balance when it comes to them. 😛
You can choose from a variety of ankle strap shoes, peep toe shoes and pump sandals.

Ankle straps:

Ankle straps Ankle straps 3 Ankle straps 2 Ankle straps 1


Peep-toes 1 Peep-toes

Pump sandals:

Pump sandals Pump heels

4. Pump heels

Going for a sexy look but still want to keep it on the low side? Check out their Pump heel collection. You can look sexy and be comfortable with one of these.

Pump heels Pump heels 1

5. Stilettos

Who said not everyone can get a look like Gigi Hadid? Go grab a pair of these and feel like supermodel every day!

They come in 2 different colours and are ankle straps:

Stilettos Stilettos 1

Get a different look with these stiletto pump heels:

stiletto pump heels stiletto pump heels 1

Can’t get over how stylish this collection is? Neither can we! Go and check out their complete collection before is all sold out!

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