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Cool Sneakers You Must Own for the Ultimate Casual Look

Metallic sneakers

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Cool Sneakers You Must Own for the Ultimate Casual Look

Gone are those days when sneakers were perceived as comfortable shoes for sports, adventures and outdoors. There is no denying the fact that sneakers are still all that but there are much more now. Sneakers are a major fashion trend. They define the ultimate casual and semi casual looks.

Especially, for women, the new era sneakers go well with casual jeans, dresses, trousers and jumpsuits. They are no more available in only whites and greys. The range of color palette of sneakers can give all other stylish shoes a “run” for their money.

We bring you a style guide of some cool sneakers that you must own for the ultimate casual look. So here are some killer sneakers for all occasions.

Supersized Sole Sneakers:

Supersized sole or platform sneakers are the best example of fashion meets comfort. The supersized sole sneakers give you a much needed alleviation like your old school wedges but at the same time are super comfortable to wear. Puma is one of the brands where we can shop for these shoes in India.

Supersized Sole Sneakers
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For example, take a look at these cute nude colored platform sneakers from puma. They can easily replace your classic nude pumps on casual occasions. The color is unusual for sneakers and this will make you stand out.

Metallic Sneakers:

They come with the right mix of comfort and fun. Reebok has some really glitzy metallic sneakers like this one here.

Metallic sneakers

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These pair of sneakers can give you just the right amount of oomph for a party look and will actually allow you to dance the whole night without any shoe bites unlike your stilettos. They also work just fine for a day look with a casual outfit. These are a must have in your wardrobe.

Bold Color Block Kicks:

Add a pop of color with these colorful sneakers. Fila has some interesting color pop sneakers like this one. These sneakers would amp up any boring casual outfit. Not to forget, with multiple colors they would match with so many of your outfits. Aren’t they great! If being colorful is your thing, these are the right shoes for you. The best part is these are very affordable.

Bold Color Block Kicks

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Floral Printed Sneakers:

Who said you only go floral with you dress? Nike brings you these feminine floral print sneakers. You can match these sneakers with solid colored outfits. On the other hand, you can do a bold print on print look. These are definitely as statement footwear and if you want to look unique you should own a pair of these.

Floral Printed Sneakers

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Velvet Sneakers:

Sneakers and Velvet? Yes ever evolving fashion world has made this combination possible. Mango has some really adorable velvet sneakers like this one in their collection. These sneakers add an element of elegance to any casual look. And just imagine how soft they would feel on your feet. Tempted already? Grab a pair of these for yourselves today.

Velvet Sneakers
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