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Coping with Cystitis – Self Help Remedies & Prescribed Medications


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Coping with Cystitis – Self Help Remedies & Prescribed Medications

Cystitis is caused by a urinary tract infection. This condition is an inflammation of the bladder and is mostly experienced by women. However, urinary tract infection isn’t just a woman’ problem as men who have an enlarged prostate gland are also susceptible to this infection. The recurring bouts of UTI can happen once a year or even up to three times a year for no apparent reason.


Most of these infections are caused by E. coli, although it’s not deadly like the bacteria you would find in food. In most cases, bacteria cling to the wall of the bladder and reproduce. Wiping incorrectly can spread the bacteria from the back passage to the bladder opening. Another cause of this infection can be due to lack of fluid intake. If you suspect that you have cystitis, you will start noticing the following symptoms:

• A burning sensation every time you pass water
• Getting the urge to pass water, only to find that you can’t pass any
• Dark-coloured urine
• Blood in the urine
• Feeling pain around your tummy
• Cold shivers

A simple urine test at your doctor’s office will determine exactly what is causing your cystitis. To find relief quickly, there are a number of natural and prescribed treatments you can try.

Self-Help Remedies

To get rid of the initial discomfort, take an over-the-counter painkiller. Ibuprofen or paracetamol will work quickly, but there are also natural remedies to make your urine less acidic. Dissolving bicarbonate soda or potassium citrate in a glass of water and drinking this mixture twice a day can balance the chemicals in your body. Blackcurrant juice is another remedy with many health-promoting compounds. Blackcurrants interfere with the bacteria in your bladder and fight the infection thanks to the high amount of anthocyanins they contain.

Prescribed Medications

An antibiotic is usually needed to treat recurring UTIs. It is, however, best to wait for the results of your urine test before deciding on the right medication, especially if your symptoms are mild. On the other hand, if you are experiencing extreme pain and discomfort, you should start a course of antibiotics such as Nitrofurantoin immediately. Most doctors advise on a three-day antibiotic course for every bout of UTI.

To prevent recurring bouts of UTI, a low dose of antibiotic taken on a regular basis can help. A 6-month course taken every night is usually recommended, however, if you still experience the symptoms, it may be caused by a bacterium which is resistant to the medication you are taking. Your doctor will be able to prescribe the right medication based on your urine test results.

Is It Possible To Prevent Urinary Tract Infection?

Although there is no evidence that lifestyle changes help prevent UTIs, some doctors do still recommend that you drink plenty of fluids to flush out the bacteria from your bladder. By not using perfumed soap in the shower, wearing cotton underwear, wiping yourself the right way (from front to back), and avoiding tight-fitting trousers, you can resolve your recurring bladder infection problem.

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