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Costume Ideas For Halloween 2017


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Costume Ideas For Halloween 2017

Halloween costumes that are traditionally modeled after supernatural figures like vampires and monsters. Over the years costume selection has extended to include popular characters from fiction and generic archetypes. Here are some fashion tips for the welcoming of Halloween 2017.

Pop culture

Idea’s, attitudes, perspectives and images in the mainstream of the Western culture of the late 20th to 21st century brings you the Costume Ideas for Halloween 2017 for the Squad Entries.




The red headed guy, you don’t have to do much to look like Archi just go for a letterman jacket, wear a pair of jeans and casual shoes that would complete the look.


Embrace your stylish side with Veronica. Go for a stylish Burberry or Versace dress with a Gucci bag, a pair of high heels and long black hair with extremely light and classy makeup to be Veronica.


Invoke your inner tomboy with a pair of jeans and a simple T-shirt with short hair and a pair of sneakers or ankle length boots.

Jug head

If you are Jughead of your squad just take the liberty to dress up casually with a beanie.



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Wear a green t-shirt with a pair of green jeans or leggings, put on purple capris over them, then just paint your face green and you are good to go.

Captain America

Wear a form fitting red white and blue jumpsuit along with a blue helmet and now you just have to pick up your Captain America Shield.


Go for a blue lined black and silver form fitted jumpsuit with a red cape over it, calf high black boots with long light brown hair and little beard.

Iron man

Put on a red and beige form fitted jumpsuit, red shoes and a light stubble beard.

Black Widow

Wear a black leather jacket with a black waist band along with black leather leggings, calf high boots, two gun holders one tied to each thigh and red hair would complete the look.


Just wear a black or silver form fitted jumpsuit with red highlights along with same colour mask or a helmet.


The Halloween costume Ideas that were traditionally modeled after supernatural figures like vampires and ghosts. So all singles take the advantage to scare the world at Halloween 2017


Have some long and Scary fake teeth, wear a black cape with blood stains all over body. Add a dark bloody red lipstick along with blood flowing out of the mouth, also add long scary black nails to enhance the effect and some contact lenses.



Well this one is very easy to do with just put on some tattered clothes with scary contact lenses, use red paint or ketchup as fake blood to create stains on face and body. Lastly, use makeup to create fake bruises over face, neck, hands and feet.

Spirits and Ghosts

You just need to look pale and faded out so if you are unwell this is the best Halloween Costume for you otherwise use makeup to look pale, put on some faded clothes with dark makeup just over eyes and lips along with long and dirty nails.



Put on a black cloak, hold a scythe and either put on white paint over face with thick black liner on eyes and nose or to go easy pick up a mask.

Minimal list

For all the lazy ones around who don’t want to move much here are some Simple Halloween Costumes :

Red Cape

Just put on a red cape with a black dress, dark makeup and calf high boots.

Witch Hat


Go for a black body fitted dress with witch hat, dark makeup, high heel boots and just add some black nail paint with which you are good to go.

Couple Costumes

If you have an amazing bond flaunt it out this Halloween with some exclusive Halloween Costume Ideas.

Jack and Coke

The most simple Halloween costume and also the couple costume just wear a pair of jeans with a t-shirt having and coke bottle and other one a t-shirt with Jack Daniels and here we are Jack & Coke the couple is ready to go.

Angels and Devils


You don’t have to do much for all angels wear anything and put on a Halo and for all devils just red horns would make you look like a demon.

Ash & Pikachu

For Ash get ready with a pair of jeans, blue and white t-shirt or a jacket, half gloves, red shoes and a red baseball hat. To become the most loved Pikachu wear a yellow dress with black accents and to complete the costume put dark red makeup on cheeks.

Superman & Wonder Woman


For wonder woman wear a red, white and blue dress with silver cups, calf high boots, the famous wonder woman Gadot Headband and black liner whereas for superman wear a blue t-shirt along with blue jeans, add on a red cape with a yellow belt and don’t forget wearing your red underwear over your jeans.

Ami & Sheldon

For all lazy couples who don’t wish to do much to be Ami wear a knee length skirt with shirt and a cardigan, also add boxy glasses an pair of flats and for Sheldon just put on a flash t-shirt with full sleeve t shirt underneath, a pair of jeans and shoes. Just have some short hair and you are good to go.

Joker & Harley Quinn


For Joker wear a white shirt with a bow tie and purple suit, use makeup to have a white face with a big grin painted on it, try to have some green hair, go for white gloves and a Gun whereas for Harley Quinn wear extremely short skirt exposing your sexy legs with white sneakers, put on a white and red t-shirt along with red velvet jacket, tie your hair with two ponytails with red dip dyed hair. Use a bloody red lipstick and thick black liner. Now just hold your baseball bat and you are ready to rock.

So gear up yourself for Halloween 2017!!

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