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Cristiano’s Ronaldo Secret to That God-Like Body!


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Cristiano’s Ronaldo Secret to That God-Like Body!

With the craze for Football World Cup Finals kicking in, every football fan has started rooting for their favorite team, or rather favorite player. Talking about favorite player, one can never mention football without uttering one man’s name. There are many great players out there, but no one is quite like him. I don’t know what’s more famous…his good looks or his skills on the ground? His perfect body or his complete devotion to the sports? He is not only known as a caring father, but also a perfect son. Can you guess who he is? Yes, we’re talking about none other than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo Diet


Known for his greatly ripped body, Ronaldo’s compact six-pack abs are desired by many men. Females go gaga over him. His body is impossibly fit and lean. Many have been dying to know what his secret is and how to obtain that signature Ronaldo physique and Ronaldo fitness. Let’s have a look at his routine.


Ronaldo’s diet and workout plan are what makes him the best on the field. For his athletic body, Ronaldo is very careful about what goes inside that body. He does not consume high levels of sugar, fat and does not drink alcohol. This requires extreme self-control. And guess what? Ronaldo demonstrates it perfectly well. He has 6 meals a day which are taken at an interval of a few hours.

Christiano’s diet plan ensures an active metabolism thereby providing maximum energy and nutrition without any fat. His meals include the following:

Breakfast: His breakfast consists of egg whites, fruit juices and whole-wheat or whole-grain cereal.
Lunch: Green vegetables, whole wheat pasta, chicken, or fish with salad.
Snack: Fruit or lemon juice along with tuna roll.
Dinner: Chicken or Turkey, Beans, Fresh fruits and rice with pulses.

Along with this, he also drinks plenty of water and stays hydrated throughout the day. Ronaldo’s diet is a combination of proteins, whole grain carbohydrates and fibers. He emphasizes on eating regularly to remain energetic throughout the hectic day. He also needs to take proteins shakes, multivitamins and supplements for physical endurance.


This guy has a strict daily routine for workout and training. He works out for 5 days in a week. Two days are meant for rest. Ronaldo’s workout starts with a warm up exercise. His workouts include a variety of cardiovascular exercises, stretching, sprinting, etc. He practices almost everything ranging from bar bell squats to bench dips and from rope jumping to box jumps. These workouts are designed to ensure all the areas of the body are targeted. Ronaldo recommends that these exercises should be mixed up to keep things interesting and avoid monotony.

Cr7 proves that hard work and dedication in life are of utmost importance. Some say that he’s the greatest legend in football of all times. He is worshiped and considered an idol by many. He also proves that age is just a number. His body moves like a well-oiled machine and every day, he just keeps on getting better and better. The key to follow his regimen is simple – be dedicated!

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