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Diet Tips to Follow This Diwali


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Diet Tips to Follow This Diwali

When you first ask your doctors ‘how to control diabetes’, a diabetic diet is one of their first suggestions. It is one such diet which helps in accelerating the weight loss since putting on weight isn’t healthy with diabetes. The next piece of advice would be monitoring your blood sugar levels regularly. It is one way to ensure that your sugar level stays normal. You will also be asked to download some diabetic management apps, buy a glucometer for the purpose and do lots of

We would like to highlight the first of these contingency plans – a healthy diet for a diabetic patient – as the most crucial part of fighting any spike of sugar level. This could mean including more fruits fibres and leaves in your diet plan to preparing those special diabetic diet recipes with sugar-free sweeteners. Take look at some foods that can become a permanent part of a diet chart for diabetes patients so they can eat healthy.

  1. Fish, shell fish, organic turkey and all types of white meat should be made a part of your diet. What you should keep away from is processed meat or red meat. No matter how tasty it can be, it can seriously harm your health.
  2. Protein rich beans, eggs, Greek yogurt and dairy products that contain less fat can all be eaten in plenty. Several of recipients of these can be tried out to kill repetition in diet from week to week.
  3. Fresh and bright coloured fruits and all leafy or normal vegetables, especially broccoli, should be eaten everyday if possible. They are known to supply all the essential elements and vitamins to your body and thus keep you active.
  4. Fibrous foods are highly desirable in a diabetic diet. Carrots, sweet corn, nuts, berries, oranges, bananas and pears all contain lots of fibres which will help in the removal of excess sugars from your system.
  5. Keep the intake of crabs low. This means cutting down the quantity of rice, pulses, bread and cereals that may add to the carbon content. While potatoes can be eaten with their skin, the quantity should be limited in overall diet.
  6. Drinking water is one point which isn’t stressed enough in a diet. Simple as it may sound, it can work wonders in your body. More the quantity of water in your body, the more efficient will be your waste management.
    Indulge in some physical exercise or prefer to go for walk to stay healthy and fit.

Diwali, the most awaited festival of India is all about excitement, delight and yummy food. The festive time can obviously affect your health, due to unnecessary eating and a lethargic lifestyle. So, it is essential to stay energetic, vibrant and follow the above diet tips to stay healthy.

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