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Discover Your Own Personal Style Statement With These Fashion Tips


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Discover Your Own Personal Style Statement With These Fashion Tips

We adore and admire our celebrities’ for their fashion statements and style. And we all want to be like them. However, many of us fail to notice that the reason a lot of our celebs rock whatever their wear is because a lot of them have a strong and a definite personal style statement which spell their personality and character. Hence, if you want to design a personal style statement for yourself, you need to consider certain things before doing so.


We will help you discover and design your personal style statement with the following tips and tricks:

1. Understand Your Kind of Body

Understanding your Kind of Body is possibly where everything starts. No, not because a Kind of Body dictates what you should wear, however because you understand what kind of outfits would look naturally nice on you. It’s more like recognizing your strong points and using them as a foundation.

2. Go through Your Closet

Scan your closet and spend a day with your closet. Look at outfits you’ve purchased over the last few years, the outfits you’ve repeated a lot, the unopened and new stack, the impulsive buys, clothes that you one day aspire to wear or fit into, etc. Every outfit will have its own language, however, the lot which is repeated most would be your preferred style.

3. Put together Your Looks

Go through past of your fashion – your photos that you love, dresses you repeat a lot, etc. This will give you a hint as to what you like, i.e. you should possibly reassess your closet; get done with all the things you do not want, and form your style further according to your personality. Instead of changing everything, see how you can merge them with the recent fashion styles.

4. Channelize Your Style Icon

Which celebrity’s or person’s (alive or dead) that you admire as ‘your personal style icon’? That can tell so much about the person you are, what you would like, and how would you want to look. That is if you like Audrey Hepburn’s style you might like elegance and LBDs, if like Beyonce you might want to look classy and an absolute diva, or if you like Emma Stone you might like more of a girl next door style. No matter who you like, your style icons can guide you to find your own personal style.

5. What Defines You?

Which style defines you as a person? Feminine or athletic or casual or bohemian chic or yogini or classy. This possibly is the simplest way to know your style. We all have an intrinsic attraction towards a specific style, few times we kind of understand it, and few times we need someone else to tell us – either way, give it a thought. What do you like to wear while meeting a friend on a pair of jeans with an uber casual tee and make or a properly done made up look? Plan your future purchases according to this.

Your style is the way you want the world to see and perceive you. Hence, it is very important that you get a solid personal style that spells your persona.

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