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Don’t Know Which Handbag to Choose? Learn About Different Types of Handbags

Shoulder Bag

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Don’t Know Which Handbag to Choose? Learn About Different Types of Handbags

Diamonds are not the only best friends of women; handbags are even closer as they carry the whole world within them. We can’t do without them even for a single day. Apart from being everyday essentials, handbags are also a great addition for your overall style and look. They have a huge impact as fashion essentials.

However, handbags are of so many different types that it gets difficult to choose the right one for right occasion, right look and right purpose.

We have put together an exhausted list of different types of handbags which every woman should own and know about:

Shoulder Bag:

Probably one of the most used in all the types of handbags. They are most functional and utility based bags. These are the everyday bags which women use on a daily basis for things from shopping to work. All the big brands have their own styles and versions of shoulder bags. These babies can carry whole lot of stuff which you need to use.

Shoulder Bag

Image Source: Sammy Dress


Satchels are best for the working women. They are great to round up a professional look. They are a midway between a laptop bag and a shoulder bag. They are generally stiff and have leather like textures which makes it easy to carry gadgets like laptops and tablets and also basic essentials.

Satchel Bag

Image source: Pexels

Sling Bag:

Sling bag is the best way to blend fashion with utility. They are comfortable, functional and fashionable. These can be worn cross body and they look very chic. They are especially perfect for a party look. The ones with the sling which comes with bling or metal body add up a lot of glamour to the overall party look.

Image source: Pinterest

Quilted Bag:

Quilted bags spell royalty with their sheer existence. They are iconic and the design generally is produced in the biggest of the brands all over the world. The chic bags come in great brands Chanel, Prada, Gucci and Jimmy Choo. These bags are one of a kind investment. They add up to the great look.

Quilted Bag

Image source: Pinterest


Clutches are so many different colors, shapes and sizes and most of us carry one. Even in our shoulder bags and bag packs most women carry a small clutch to compartment all their essentials. They are great for party looks with evening gowns and sarees. There are day clutches which are for daily use and simple. There are also party clutches with are bling and shiny which are glamorous.


Image source: Pinterest

Beach Bag:

The ultimate casual look can be defined by the beach bag. They are so comfortable and come in vibrant prints and colors. They are made of cloth or plastic like textures. They can hold a whole lot of stuff. They are perfect for holidays, picnics and shopping trips.

Beach Bag

Image source: Pinterest

Hobo Bag:

Hobo bag are a type of shoulder bag. However, they are not very wide. They are sleek and have crescent shaped bags which can be pulled off with formal and casual looks.


Image source: Pinterest

Next you go bag shopping make sure you look out for all these bags and choose one which is right for your needs.

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