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Don’t Let the Rain Drench Your Style! – Fashion Tips for This Monsoon Season

trench coat

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Don’t Let the Rain Drench Your Style! – Fashion Tips for This Monsoon Season

While the rains are a relief from the scorching, melts-your-skin-for-3-months visit from the sun, it also brings a set of new problems to deal with it. The comfort and laziness that accompanies this season makes us all fall in love with it. But it also makes the process of ‘dressing up’ a mammoth task. Plus, it’s super messy with mucky roads and puddles everywhere.

Although it’s tempting to hide under our windcheaters and raincoats till the rain goes away, we can let go of the depressing and gloomy clothes and flaunt our skirts, shorts, boots and what-nots and have fun this season!

Let’s take a look!

1) All above the knee

knee skirt

It’s the best season to bring out our short tops and dresses. Full length outfits is basically inviting trouble to join you everywhere you go. We don’t want no slush on our hemline. So, go for knee length skirts, shorts or dresses.

2) Say no to denims

Denims take forever to dry out. So unless you are ready to wait for a couple hundred months till they are completely dry, cotton, nylon or linens would be a better option.

3) Trench coats

trench coat

Trench coats are a must-have this season. Not only do they give excellent coverage, they are funky and pretty and everything you need to look fabulous.

4) Indian outfits

kurti leggings

If you’re going for a more traditional look, avoid wearing salwars or patialas. Pair up a short kurti with leggings or churidars and avoid dupattas whenever you can.

5) Footwear

flip flop footwear

Image Source: Pinterest

The kind of footwear you choose is very important especially when you can spot a puddle, every 2 seconds. Go for flip-flops, clogs, flats or floaters and try to avoid shoes or loose sandals as much as you can.

So, here were some tips to get you through this season. Step out in vibrant, cheerful and gorgeous prints and enjoy the rains!

P.S: DON’T WEAR WHITES! But you already know that. 😛

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