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Dress to Impress in Camouflage Prints

Fashion & Style

Dress to Impress in Camouflage Prints

Dress to Impress in Camouflage Prints

However, there is one issue with wearing prints in general; it is very easy to commit a fashion blunder. The same logic applies to camouflage prints too. If you don’t know how to wear it properly, you may end up in the bad books of fashion. So, we bring you few fashion tips, dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind while wearing camouflage prints.

What to do while dressing in camouflage prints?

Camouflage prints have been there forever in the fashion industry. However, recently the crowd picked it up as a major fashion trend. Camo prints have become popular in all types of outfits especially women outfits like dresses, t-shirts, pants, skirts and even gowns. Camouflage prints have more of a masculine quality to them but as the irony has it they look better on women any day than they do on men.


As already mentioned camouflage prints look masculine. Therefore, women wearing camouflage prints look cool and confident. However, to may not want to go overboard with the print and look too masculine. What helps to add femininity to the look? Accessories! Choose the right accessories like metallic jewelry, classy boots or girly sling bags to add a dash of femininity to the look.

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Add a pop of color

Camouflage prints mainly come in earthy colors. Hence, it is an obvious choice to pair them with neutral colors like black, white and grey. Add a pop of color with garments or accessories to make your look stand out.

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Show some skin

Camouflage prints automatically give your whole look a confidence. Hence, if dressed right these prints can look very sexy too. So, don’t shy away from showing some skin.

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 Party in Camouflage at night

Though camouflage prints are looked at as a day sporty wear. With a twist to your outfit and by adding few accessories, you can pull off a camouflage dress at a night party. Put on some heels to go with your outfit and you are sorted to party all night. It will look cool and different at the same time.


What NOT to do while wearing camouflage prints?

Same print head-to-toe is a big No-No

Agreed camo prints are cool and sexy! But don’t do too much this print you may end up looking like you are dressed for a costume party. Pick one garment of camouflage print a jacket or tee or bottoms and that should be it.

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Keep Camouflage away from animal prints

As it is print on print is a very risky thing to pull off. Camouflage and animal prints don’t go well at all. In fact, it better to pair your camo outfits with solids rather than prints.

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Asymmetry not for Camouflage

Camouflage prints are only sexy when they are well fitted. Don’t wear asymmetrical clothes in these prints as you may end up looking like you are wearing a bag. At the same time, don’t wear outfitted which are too tight, they look way too masculine.

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Just keep these dos and don’ts in your mind while dressing up in camouflage and you should be ready to go.

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