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Easy Braids That Make Your Hairstyle Stand Out


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Easy Braids That Make Your Hairstyle Stand Out

Are you bored with the same old hairstyle? Letting your hair down or putting up it in a ponytail or tying it into a knot is too much of “been there and done that” for you? Why don’t you try braiding your hair this time?
It doesn’t actually take much time to braid your hair. Let’s look at some cool braids which you can make in just a few minutes.

Simple Side Braid:

If you had enough of a normal braid, add a little twist to it. Part your hair in a side parting and sweep your hair to one side before braiding your hair. A side braid will look super cute with jeans or skirts. It also goes well with many Indian ethnic dresses.

Simple-Side-BraidImage Source:

Simple French Braid:

This is a classic yet stylish braid. Most of us know how to braid our hair in the French style. If you don’t, learn how to make a French braid today because French braid serves as a foundation for many other braided hairstyles.

Simple-French-BraidImage Source:

Fish Tail Braid:

This might look complicated but with little practice, you can master the art of braiding your hair fishtail style within few minutes. It also helps your hair to stay in one place if you are going outdoors.

Fish-Tail-BraidImage Source:

French Crown Braid:

It is a French braid but woven around the head. It gives an illusion of crown on your head. This hair style looks very good with fancy gowns, maxis and dresses. They also look good with few specific casual dresses. This look serves best when you don’t want your hair to interrupt you all day.


Image Source :

Simple Dutch Braid:

It is also known as the Inside-out French braid. The name is self-explanatory; it is a French but inside out. Didn’t we tell you that once you learn a French braid, it will act as a foundation to other braids. This is one such.


Image Source: i.pinimg

Waterfall Braid:

Though it looks very complex and difficult to weave, in reality, waterfall braid is a normal braid with a tweak. It gives your hair well defined layers and at the same time does not contain a major portion of your hair. It is a fun and girly hair style which goes perfect with cute summer dresses and also can be worn with heavy party outfits.

waterfall-braidImage Source:

French Braid Chignon:

Sounds and looks complicated? Then you just don’t know how easy this braided hair style is. This hairstyle has a romantic vibe to it. Hence, you can totally wear your hair like this on dates and/or weddings. You can do this style yourself within minutes. You need to start with a side part then braid both sides French braid style and wind up the hair style with a messy bun.


Image Source: Pinterest

Apart from being stylish, Braiding structurally toughens the hair by immobilizing strands within the weave. Therefore, braids also help in hair growth and prevent breakage and damage of hair.

Now you have more reasons to braid your hair. Happy Braiding Girls!

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