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Effective Ways to Get Rid of Skin Tags

Skin tags

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Effective Ways to Get Rid of Skin Tags

What is skin tags?

Skin tags

Skin tag is the small skin growth with light and dark brown color that happens to appear on your skin. Skin tags has the size of few millimeters up to few inches on your skin. If you are an adult, skin tags can be very common and normally it can be harmless. However, it can be really irritating and annoying being caught on the surface of skin.

Where skin tags can be found?

Skin tags are normally can be found in any parts of the body such as neck, armpits and groin and most of all, under the breasts. Some worst cases, people will find them under the folds of buttocks.

Treatments for skin tags

While you are struggling finding ways to treat skin tags, it is better to consult some natural ways. There are natural home remedies that so many people have been using that found can help to make these tags go away. Also, they are inexpensive and cause no further side effects.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is great for it is packed with high amount of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Due to this reason, many people also make it great choice for removing skin tags as well as other skin issues.

How to apply apple cider vinegar:

  1. Have cotton ball dipped into the cup of apple cider vinegar.
  2. Apply right onto the bumps.
  3. Keep it holding for 15 minutes then rinsing off with water after that.
  4. Repeat this daily until you find the skin tags gone.

2. Vitamin E Oil

There are powerful antioxidants and important properties found in vitamin E that are useful treating skin tags. The one that you are recommended to go for is the high quality and pure vitamin E to save your skin from further side effect and get quick result.
The way of applying vitamin E oil is also super simple, all you need to do is to simply apply the tag over the affected areas then wrap the bandage around it for about 15 minutes. Take it out and repeat this action every day.

3. Tea Tree Oil

Normally, essential oil is good for treating skin problems for it is packed with important ingredients such as anti-inflammatories and anti-bacteria that can help to treat skin tags. Also, tea tree oil is good for treating other skin disorders as well.

How to apply tea tree oil:

  1. Soak cotton ball into the bottle of tea tree oil.
  2. Gently apply over the skin tags and just leave it there.
  3. Repeat this for three times a day or as frequent as possible.

There is one thing you should note when applying tea tree oil. You should dilute tea tree oil before using or it might burn your skin out. Another way is to add along with other soothing carrier oil such as coconut or lavender oil.

4. Garlic

Along with stimulating hair to grow, garlic is also good treat for fixing skin problems. If you can bear the smell of garlic, it is ideal that you apply over the affected skin tags. This has high amount of anti-bacteria and anti-fungal that helps soothing remove the tags.
You can crush garlic to get the paste then apply directly over skin tags. Leave it there for a while by wrapping around the tags.

Along with all these methods mentioned above, you should also remember that never do pick up the tags. Picking up tags will more likely to give the chance for scarring and infection. And if you apply other treatments such as drugs, creams, medicine but they cause you pain, do stop those methods and then consult your doctor right away.

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