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Epilators vs Waxing – The Painful Battle to Decide the Best!


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Epilators vs Waxing – The Painful Battle to Decide the Best!

Hello all you beautiful ladies,
How are you guys doing? Hope you’re feeling as beautiful as you’re. But…. in order to look flawless and beautiful, we need to go through so much pain, nobody knows about, only us ladies do. Men out there keep thinking we wake up and look flawless and fab just like this, but little did they know what all do we do to get this look. One of those many painful things is waxing, or shaving, or epilating. Damn, the sound of those words make you scream, don’t they? Yet we do it every month. Kudos to us ladies for that. Today we are going to talk about epilators vs waxing, from which one is the best and a little less painful. Cause even a little less pain, is far more relief.


What is Waxing?

So waxing is hair removal from the root. Normally people use waxing strips and hot wax for waxing. So this is how it goes, you apply the hot wax at the area you want to wax in and then pull it with a wax strip. Yessss and with the hair, we can feel our soul ripping out of our bodies as well.

Price: You can buy wax which is available in a range of Rs 200 to Rs 1,000 and above.

What is Epilator?

Epilator on the other side is this small electrical device used to remove hair by mechanically grasping multiple hair simultaneously and pulling them out. Woww that sounds easy and so not painful. (sighs and thinks being a woman is so tough). Both waxing and epilator hair removal are painful but one is lesser than the other.

Price: Epilator comes in a range of Rs 400 to Rs 30,000 and above.

Epilators vs Waxing

Let’s start with advantages and disadvantages of the epilators and waxing.


Easy and less messy:

You can use the epilators anywhere, as they’re small and handy device. Like you can use an epilator on the couch while watching a netflix rom-com and have a fun saturday night in. Or, you can take it on a girls night and shave your leg and hands while gossiping with your girls.

While on the other hand waxing is very messy. You need a container, a heater, wax strips also a newspaper to cover the ground so that it does not get dirty. Waxing is just too much work. Also wax is sticky.

Long-lasting, non-growing hair:

So apparently, epilators are said to be long lasting in terms of hair growth. If you use epilators, the hair growing process gradually takes time, which is better because the more time it takes the more time you go without hair removing.

When compared to epilators the hair grows back really faster in waxing, like within 1 week you will find small sprouts coming out of your pores of the parts you’ve waxed, which is worst.


No prickie stubble:

With the use of epilators you don’t get a prickie stubble like you get when you shave. From epilators vs shaving, I think epilators win. Also shaving is a lot messier and troublesome than epilators are.

Even with waxing there is no such problem of prickie stubble.


When compared between epilators and shaving, epilators are lot faster in hair removal.

Waxing is faster when compared to epilators. As waxing can cover a wider patch in one strip and the epilators normally cover a lot lesser area of the skin in one go.

Painful at least initially:

As we know how epilators work, you know it is going to be painful, at least in the beginning. With time you get used to pain and feel it lesser with every use. But the pain still remains.

Waxing hurts less than the epilators. Of course it still hurts. But a lot less than the epilators and a lot more than the shaving. So its a middle ground, I suppose.

Can cause ingrown hair:

Epilators can apparently cause ingrown hair, which is bad because outgrown hair can be removed but the ingrown one’s are trouble. While shaving does not help the ingrown hair either, hence when it comes to epilating vs shaving both of them are a no no.

As we know the problem of ingrown hair is more common with the use of epilators, waxing does not have this problem because it pulls the hair out of the roots.

Can cause redness:

Use of epilators can cause redness. Epilators pull the hair out of your body which is painful hence it can also cause redness for sometime after use.

With waxing the thing is if the wax does not suit your body, then you may get redness or allergy. Which is curable.

Cannot be cleaned:

Epilators are small, handy pocket devices which are feasible but there’s one small problem with epilators that is they cannot be cleaned. Which makes them kind of unhygienic. It can also cause skin allergies.

Waxing needs strips which are not reusable, also the heater in which you heat the wax can be cleaned.

It’s only effective if the hair is above 1cm:

Yes, waxing of hair can be only done if the hair have grown up to 1 cm or more, of else the hair don’t come out.

With epilators, you can even remove the tiny, just grown hair.

So if we see according to these advantages and disadvantages, both epilators and waxing kind of win. But we sure know that shaving is out of question as it is very less productive and much efforts so epilator or waxing are the only options.

Even if we compare lady shaver vs epilator, I think epilators will win because, electric lady shavers are not too much effective as well. Even with the use of an electric shaver, the hair comes out prickie and faster than from epilators.

So last week my friend ordered a silk-epil 7 dual, a latest braun epilator from nykaa, an epilator for women. So when I asked her how was her experience, she said it was really good, a bit painful and consumed more time but very effective because it gives smoother skin as it combines the long lasting effects of epilation with gillette venus technology which ensures to give you a smoother skin after shaving or epilating.

Epilator Hair Removal Pros & Cons

Pros / Advantages of Epilator
Cons / Disadvantages of Epilator

Easy to use – No skilled required for use

More painful than waxing

Mess Free

Hair grows back faster

Ideal for touch ups

Unlike waxing it doesn’t provide softness or glowing experience

No Irritation caused

In growth problems

Cost Efficient – You need to buy it just once


No preplanning required

Takes more time than waxing

Waxing Hair Removal Pros & Cons

Pros / Advantages of Waxing
Cons / Disadvantages of waxing

Long lasting results

Not efficient & convenient – Needs to be preplanned

Hair grows back thinner

Time consuming

Skin becomes soft and glows


Less painful than epilator



As we have seen the pros and cons of both the epilators and the waxing, I would like to just remind the important and effective points.

Painful: Both are painful. But waxing is less painful than the epilators.

Effective: Both are effective hair removal techniques while epilation lasts longer according to me.

Speed: Waxing is faster than epilation but at the same time it’s a lot of work and messier process.

Cost: The main and important point to be discussed, as many of us are budget restrained, I think going to a parlour and getting waxed every month is an expensive business. But if it comes to buying an epilator, a normal epilator can cost upto 4-5k INR. So to invest that much at a single time is not feasible for many people as well. Well costing really depends on how your monthly budget is. According to me, epilators are an one time investment which last long and can be used anytime you want.

Final verdict:

So in this article where we discussed epilator vs waxing today, it’s now time for the final verdict.

So in this battle of epilator vs waxing, I think neither of them won, none lost. As it really depends on the personal choice and preference of an individual as what they want to go with and what do they think about the process.

But if I had a choice, I would go with the epilators. As they are easily manageable, an one-time investment, used anywhere, anytime and can be used by yourself. It is a little more painful, I know. But as they say beauty never comes without pain. I think it’s really a win win for me. As I am this lazy person who hates to get out of the bed and go to the parlour every month. So for me epilators are magical device who let me be in bed yet look beautiful.

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