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Every Girl’s Must-Have Makeup Brushes

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Every Girl’s Must-Have Makeup Brushes

For the perfect look, make-up is very important. A bad makeup look is a disaster that no girl wants. To achieve the right makeup look you need to invest in right kind of cosmetics which many girls do. However, one aspect of makeup that most of the girls tend to undermine or overlook is the aspect of makeup brushes. Using the right makeup brush for the right part is very important for the complete look. One brush fits all business is not going to work here.

There are few types of basic makeup brushes which every girl needs to have in her cosmetic pouch. However expensive and high-quality cosmetics you use, without the right kind of the brush for every application, the look will fall flat.

These are the must-have makeup brushes for all girls:

The Blush Brush

A good blush brush is a versatile brush which sometimes can be converted into a contour brush too if needed. This brush should have its bristles in a dome shape. Invest in a good blush brush. To apply blush with a blush brush, pick some blush powder or gel using the brush and gently apply it to the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion.

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The Blending Brush

If you are an eye-shadow kind of girl, then a blending brush is a must for you. Its bristles are very soft and very flexible. It is very useful to blend colors and dust off extra eye-shadow. While choosing a blending brush, opt for one which has a narrow tip this gives you more control while applying eye-shadow onto your eyelids.

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The Concealer Brush

Applying a concealer is one of the initial and important steps of makeup. Concealer helps cover up all the spots and marks on your face. Therefore, a concealer brush should and must be in your makeup bag. A good concealer brush will have firm yet flexible bristles and a tapered head.

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The Contouring Brush

Contouring a popular trend that been ruling the fashion trends for a while now. When not blended well, contouring can look very bad which in turn ruins your whole look. Invest in a contouring brush that is fluffy this helps in sharpening and highlighting your facial features. Also, the brush should be angled, so that you can work on cheekbones an brow bone easily.

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The Eyeliner brush

Most girls even on no makeup days do apply eyeliner to define their eyes. An eyeliner brush is a perfect weapon which will help you do it in a better way. When shopping for eyeliner brush, look for a small and angled brush. This brush will help you apply both wet and dry eyeliners.


The Foundation Brush

Your foundation holds your complete makeup together. Hence, instead of applying foundation with your hand invest in a good foundation brush to achieve a smooth finish. The trick for a good foundation brush is that it should be dome-headed and have densely packed bristles.

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Hopefully, these beauty tips will be useful to you when you buy your makeup brushes. Happy brush shopping girls!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Priya Sahani

    December 10, 2018 at 6:30 pm

    Thank you so much. I found all the brushes today itself and bought instantly. This was a really helpful article for me as being in front desk profession I need to look up to mark along with my make up also.

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