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Get Botox Like Effect With These Natural Practices

Natural Alternatives to Botox

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Get Botox Like Effect With These Natural Practices

Aging is a very natural process which none of us can defy. However, we would want to delay or control it as much as possible. There are oodles and oodles of anti-aging products, creams and serums available in the market. It is not a surprise that the anti-aging products product is the multi-million dollar industry. With the worst environmental conditions and increased stress level the process of aging has been accelerating in recent times.

Botox is one of the most popular and widely used cosmetic treatments to make your skin look youthful again. However, it is an expensive product and involves chemicals. Hence, we got few natural remedies which will almost give you that botox like affect.

Natural Alternatives to Botox

Natural Alternatives to Botox


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• Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is a very good a t boosting collagen production. As you age the collagen production which happens naturally in the body decreases which causes the signs of aging. Hence, include vitamin C in your diet. The best sources of vitamin C are lemons, Citrus fruits, guavas and red peppers. Try applying lemon juice in the areas under the eyes as under eye area is one of the first parts which show the signs of aging.

• Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is one of the ingredients that women have been using from ancient times to keep their skin youthful. Coconut oil is one of the best natural botox which has the enzymes and chain fatty acids which have nourishing properties. This oil makes the connective tissues strong which in turn make your skin look younger for a long time.

• Restylane:

It is one of most used ingredients which is generally used for restoring the volume of the lips. This includes hyaluronic acid which decreases fine lines especially chin and jaw. You can take some peppermint oil and add some cinnamon powder to it and apply it on your affected areas. It has almost the same effect as the hyaluronic acid. This is the best if used as a night serum.

• Rice Mask:

Rice mask is a very widely used beauty treatment used by Japanese from ages to make skin look youthful and bright. If you have observed Japanese women look young even after their 40s and 50s. Rice has linoleic acid and squalene which strengthens collagen production and antioxidants. Squalene is very helpful in the protecting skin from ultra violet rays and also makes the connective tissues strong. With use of the rice mask you can see your wrinkles and lines disappearing.

• Sugar:

Yes you have heard it right! Sugar is though very harmful for your body functions. It can help our skin look youthful. You can even use brown sugar to get the same effect. You can massage your face with different pressure points. You can splash some warm water and scrub sugar onto your face. Then wash off this with cold water and dry it out.

Try out the above ways to boost your natural collagen and botox like effect.

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