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How to Get Rid of Cake Face: 4 Common Causes and its Solution


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How to Get Rid of Cake Face: 4 Common Causes and its Solution

Who does not dread a cake face, but many women have been there. There are few easy ways to avoid this common makeup mistake. Here are four major causes of cake face, and we will tell you the remedy for them, or better yet, how to avoid cake face all together.


Dry Skin May Cause Foundation to Flake

  • If your skin is dehydrated and dry, then the foundation can appear uneven and flaky on the surface.
  • Also, dry patches attract face products to become clumps at those particular areas, forming a cake face.
  • As a solution, you can apply mist or face priming oil or rather use hydrating spray on skin.
  • Allow it to sit for 2 minutes or so before choosing the foundation makeup.
  • Make sure you keep your skin hydrated often by treating it to luxurious face moisturizes or mask.
  • Apply it on the night and wash it off in the morning, your skin shall recover!

Too Much Concealer or Foundation

  • Let us consider the truth; a majority of us may not be blessed with perfectly flawless skin.
  • Thus concealer or foundation is must to cover the age spots, acne and other imperfections, which are the real part of us humans! However, let us not go overboard.
  • Try to dab on too much of concealer and foundation or it can cause frosting at the top, leading to a cake face.
  • The cure would be to apply full coverage or thin layer of foundation than going to multiple layers of medium or light coverage face products to attain the desired finish.
  • You can use a beauty blender foundation with stippling brush and apply a thin later.
  • Sometimes just concealer could do the job, especially if only subtle areas need to be made smooth.
  • You can utilize your ring finger to blend the foundation on your skin.

Too Much of Face Powder

  • To get that extra polish on cheeks, you may often make the mistake of applying face powder more than necessary.
  • It is a big no for women with oily skin.
  • As such skin can soak up more powder and rather than flat finish, it mattifies the skin, leading to a cakey nightmare.
  • Try not to use heavy-handed applications, which can again bring cake face.
  • A cure for the above problem is to use mattifying primer that takes out grease from the powder.
  • It also prevents the oil from breaking from foundation through the day. Use a thin and flat sponge to apply powder on t-zones such as nose, chin and forehead.
  • In case you apply too much of powder, mist your face with hydrating sprays.
  • It will assist in breaking down the powder and melt onto your skin.

Thick Foundation

  • When foundations become old, just like us! It tends to thicken in consistency.
  • Now, a thickened foundation is more likely to frost or sit on top of skin causing you to have a cake face.
  • For solution, you must always use foundation only after checking its date. One that is older than a year must be avoided.
  • Even it is not more than a year old, you should check its texture.
  • If it has started to thicken, then mix few drops of facial oil to help it thin out in consistency.

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