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Greet Your Hair With a Sparkly New Treatment- Glitterage!


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Greet Your Hair With a Sparkly New Treatment- Glitterage!

If you are looking for a sparkly and pretty hair change, then try out Glitterage! It is a fun way to light up your hair, and is already setting a fashion trend on Instagram. Using the same technique as for balayage hair, you can add little glitz and sparkle to hair colour and spread your shine on in a holiday party, concert, night-out of wherever you like.


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The hairstylist- Danielle Wade in her latest styling technique has already sported a client in sparkling hair done in various styles. The technique for Glitterage follows that of balayage, which involves painting glitter on layers of hair, part-by-part.


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This New Year 2018- we have an excellent styling idea for you. You can opt for a haircut or colour, but if you add few sparkles into the colour, you can look a whole lot smarter and beautiful. The sparkly highlights on your tresses will give you a luscious appearance.


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Every layer of your hair will get hand-painted with a coat of glitter. By following this method, the glitter will stay and the shimmer out. You can choose from a wide range of colours, and this fad does not know any limits! People are already trying out bold gold to blue, pink, silver and rainbow shades.


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You can leave your hair loose and let each flowy wave receive sparkly touch, so whenever it creates a movement- the shiny glitter speaks about your fashion sense. Or you can even opt for buns or braids done in Glitterage. You can wear the style out to a party or any official events and create a buzz in the crowd; it will surely leave you fulfilled.

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Though temporary, as Glitterage will shampoo out, and thus, not a permanent hair-colour, we think it is super fun and that you must try for special events. From downtown Denver where the style took birth, the same has not taken over to every corner of the world. Danielle even posted a video lately from Wade of Asteria Salon, where Glitterage came to life.

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The video has already garnered thousands of views from her clients and other people. One of her clients, Kristi Rodriguez is shown in the video, where she undergoes a detailed sparkly treatment for her hair strands. This is not an actual colouring procedure, but more so a styling process that uses hair colouring technique.

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While the song by The Lovin’ Spoonful, “Do you believe in Magic”, mildly plays in the video’s background, we are taken to hair-gel which is blue-hued glitter, being applied to already pre-coloured hair of Rodriguez’s, using the Pravana dyes, where the glitter is then painted layer by layer leaving a fine accent of shades on her.

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With few touch-ups on curls and crimps, twisting front section of her hair into a majestic unicorn-like do, the process of amazing Glitterage is brought out to the audience. The hairstylist suggests that this technique can be utilized for entire head or you can even do few accent pieces. Both short-haired and long-haired women can try it out.

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Though slightly time consuming, Glitterage hairstyling is worth every bit of effort. It is a great measure to have a sparkly-life and hair by adding some glitter to hair this year 2018. Do share your Glitterage-done snaps with us, or just share your experience!

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