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How Can Working Women Look Beautiful With Busy Schedules


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How Can Working Women Look Beautiful With Busy Schedules

We all lead a very busy life and are rushing to complete our day to day tasks. When we are busy doing all of this we often forget to keep ourselves looking gorgeous. But, now you will not have to compromise with the way you look and present yourselves.

Working Women Beauty Hacks

Here are few super easy beauty hacks to make your life easier and raise your bar on the style quotient.


Have an Everlasting Lipstick

When we are all set to step out of our house and need to work the entire day, our lip color just gets off in a few hours. If you want your lipstick to stay the entire day and also not leave any stains just use this simple trick.
Take a thin layered tissue and place in on your lips after the color is on. Dust the tissue with Baby powder with a brush. You will be good to go and your lipstick will stay the entire day.

Make Your Nail Color Dry Faster

We, women, have to wait a lot of time until our nail color gets dried. Many a time, we spoil our nail color in a hurry to get to work. This simple trick will get you started in no time.
Just take a bowl filled with ice cold water. After you have painted your nails, dip your hands in that water. Your nail color will be dried in no time.

Make your Hair look fuller

We often face the issue of thinning of hair near the scalp region and feel embarrassed. To make your life easier, there is this simple trick which will make your hair appear thicker.
Just take an eyeshadow which matches the color of your hair. Using a flat brush; just dust the eyeshadow through your scalp giving it a fuller appearance.

Revive Your Mascara

We all have mascaras which dry up within 3 months no matter which brand mascara we buy. We do need to revive it using this simple solution.
Take a saline solution (The solutions which we use to keep our lenses fresh) and add a few drops to your mascara. Your mascara will be as fresh as it was new.

Turn Your normal Pencil Liner to a Gel Liner

This time is the trend of gel liners but if we invest in the gel liners, the normal liner pencil would be a waste. So to make our normal pencil turn into a gel formula, just take your normal pencil and heat it with the flame of a matchstick and then use. Your liner will change to gel formula.

Use Microfiber Cloths to remove your Makeup

Use microfiber cloths to remove your makeup—you just need to wet it with water, and it’ll wash off even waterproof mascara! It sounds too good to be true but this honestly changed my life and saved me so much money on buying cotton pads and all.

All the working women can use these above trick which makes their lives easier and them more beautiful.

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