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How Helpful Is Onion to Promote Good Hair?


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How Helpful Is Onion to Promote Good Hair?

Onions are the last thing that one could think of using on their hair. They are specifically meant for the kitchen and are a nightmare when it comes to cutting. The tearing never ends and if you detest the strong smell, you may have difficulty using it. However, this root plant is a remedy for acute hair loss and improving growth and if you can tolerate the pungent smell, be sure your hair will enjoy good health and achieve improved volume to your hair.

Due to high level of sulphur in onions, it helps in improving blood circulation when massaged on the scalp. It is also rich in antioxidants that offer inflammatory and other curative qualities that improve one’s overall health.


Benefits of Onion Juice for Hair

Onion juice is also effective in preventing premature greying. The anti-bacterial properties in the juice help in preventing infections on the scalp, hydrates the hair, and promotes hair growth.

If you regularly apply the juice on your hair, it will get thicker and any scalp problem that leads to hair loss or thinning will become a thing of the past. It rids you of fungal infections, scalp acne and dandruff.

Using onion juice on your hair is an easy task

Peel three medium sized onions then wash them in water. Cut them into small pieces then blend in a blender to extract the juice. Apply the juice directly on your scalp then massage gently focusing on the roots and scalp. Let it stay on for an hour then rinse using a mild shampoo and water. For best results, you could do this on alternate days for a month before you start seeing results. This remedy is natural and it will take some time to get the expected results.

Honey and onion juice and its benefits

Mix a tablespoon of honey and a quarter cup of onion juice. Apply the mixture on your scalp and hair, massage gently then leave on for an hour before rinsing. You could also take a tablespoon of the mixture orally on a daily basis.

Onion juice and oil and Onion oil benefits

Mix a tablespoon of coconut oil and olive oil respectively with three tablespoons of onion juice. Apply this on your hair at least three times a week. This concoction is ideal for moisturising hair and making it grow longer. The mixture should stay on your hair for at least an hour before you rinse it off.

Onion juice and rum

This is ideal for those who can’t stand the smell of onion on their hair. Finely chop one big bulb of onion, place them in a glass of rum overnight – do not refrigerate. The next day, strain the mixture and use the liquid to massage your scalp or as a hair rinse. Strain the mixture and use the liquid as a hair rinse or to massage the scalp. It works to improve the hair growth.

Do follow the above remedies to make use of benefits of onion juice for a healthy and beautiful hair.

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