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How Important Is a Base Coat Before Applying Nail Polish?


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How Important Is a Base Coat Before Applying Nail Polish?

We women love coloring our nails (maybe not all, but most of us do). Be it matte nail polishes or glossy or sparkly, we love experimenting. Painting nails is actually a favorite pastime enjoyed by many. But while enjoying fashion and trends, it is equally important to do it the right way and while doing it, one needs to make sure it is safe.

So, have you heard about the concept of applying a base coat before applying a nail polish? For those who haven’t, this article will tell you all you need to know! There’s also another layer of coat usually applied over the nail color which is known as the top coat. But today we’re going to discuss the base coat and its importance. Keep reading to find out…


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Base coat is basically a clear, transparent polish that is supposed to be applied before any nail polish. Now, one would wonder why so? Wouldn’t it really be a waste since it doesn’t even impart any color and nor is it some magic potion that does wonders. But little did you know. It actually does!

The following are a few pros of applying the base coat:

  • It protects your nails from the harmful effects of the nail polish: Nail colors contain chemicals which are best when not in direct contact with your nails. This coat acts as a barrier between the two.
  • Strengthens your nails and prevents them from being brittle: We know how irritating chipped and brittle nails are. This product actually helps you with it.
  • Prevents the yellowing of nails: Over the period, yellowing of nails is commonly experienced by many. Base coat prevents it!
  • Makes your nail color stay longer: How heartbreaking is it when your favorite nail color slips off in just a few days? But worry not, we know about a magic potion, don’t we?
  • The nail polish glides on easily on the coat: Sometimes, applying nail polish is a task and there are times when the brush just doesn’t move easily. But again, this problem can be easily eliminated just by applying a base coat!

There are now several varieties of base coats coming in the market that have different health factors for the nails. Some of these particularly cater to a certain nail concern. For example there is a coat formulated specifically to boost the calcium element in the nails. There are coats that harden the nails. These prove helpful to women who often experience breaking of nails. Yes, just like the rest of our body, even the nails need nutrition in the form of this coat.

The prices of this product differ, being both on the lower and higher side. There are many companies that sell products which have good quality and shelf life. Products giving excellent results are usually on the higher side but not too expensive.

Some may think that investing money in this product might be the wrong decision as the same amount of money can be used to buy another new nail polish. But using this product is worth it and has its own benefits. And after all, you can use it on all nail polishes (not that you’ll have to buy different base coats for different nail colors).
Also, here’s a tip – when you need a light, classic or a soft look, you can just apply the base coat as it is, without needing the nail color. The crystal, clear shine makes your nails glow. This shiny effect is certainly a hit!

We can say that the base coat is food for the nails. You should definitely buy one next time before painting your nails. Have fun, girls!

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