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How to Dye Synthetic Hair Extensions or Wigs

How to dye synthetic wig or extensions

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How to Dye Synthetic Hair Extensions or Wigs

Synthetic hair is often used to add length and volume to women’s natural hair. If you are someone that always loves to have splendid hair, you have one or two of these pieces lying somewhere in your closet. At purchase, the burning desire to style these synthetic hair extensions is always there. But with time, the desire reduces and you get bored with the way it generally looks. Have you tried dying it? This could help revive its beauty.

How to dye synthetic wig or extensions

Dying your synthetic hair extensions or wigs with a dye meant for natural hair is not a wise decision. Synthetic hair and natural hair are two different types of hair. Therefore, hair dye meant for natural hair will never work on synthetic hair. However, there are several ways you could dye your synthetic hair without breaking the bank. Today, we will be addressing these several methods with which you can dye your synthetic hair.

Remember: Synthetic hair cannot be bleached. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid colors that are heavier than that of your synthetic hair. Irrespective of the dying method you wish to use, pastel colors and other colors like blonde, white, and silver are highly recommended.

Method 1- Acrylic Ink Dye

This method is one of the best ways to dye synthetic hair. It involves the combination of two major compounds; alcohol and ink. To get the best result, it’s advisable you to isopropyl alcohol and acrylic ink.

• First, patiently mix the two compounds to get a fine, uniform mixture. This can be best done by diluting the acrylic ink with the alcohol in a spray bottle. If you wish to have a vibrant and bright color, the quantity of the ink should be more than that of the alcohol. Should you want it lighter, mix the dye in such a way that the alcohol would be more.
• After your mixing process is done, it’s time for you to spray. Put on a pair of hand gloves to prevent hand stains and spray your synthetic hair or wig. To achieve a uniform spray, gently run your fingers through the hair and expose other layers that are yet to be sprayed.
• Finally, use a comb to brush the hair. This comb will spread the dye uniformly and help you to notice strands of hair that are not yet fully saturated with the dye. Acrylic ink dye method takes about 30 to 40 minutes.

Method Two – Sharpies Dye

Sharpies dye method is another dye method that is capable of giving your synthetic hair attachment or wig a new look. Here, you will need a pair of gloves, pliers, rubbing alcohol, a knife,and a spray bottle. The spraying process of this method is quite similar to that of Acrylic ink dye method, but the mixing method is slightly different.

The following are the basic steps you need to follow when mixing and spraying for you to achieve the desired result from your dye to.

• First things first, you have to mix your dye correctly. Unlike the previous mixing method, the mixing process of sharpies dye is quite difficult. Here, your primary aim is to find a way of mixing the ink extracted from the sharpies with the rubbing alcohol.
• After the extraction process, drop the extracted ink into a spray bottle filled with alcohol. It often takes a while for the mixing process to be complete, but you will notice a change of color once done.
• Your dye is finally ready. Follow the same spraying process of Acrylic ink dye to achieve your desired result. This process takes approximately one hour.

Rinsing and Drying

Immediately you notice that the hair is completely saturated, you need to stop the spraying and allow it to slowly air dry. The drying process doesn’t take that long;an hour or so should be sufficient to have your hair completely dry. By the way, you might need a table cloth to protect your table from drops when the hair is completely saturated with ink.

When you notice that the synthetic hair is completely dry, proceed to wash the dye off. Rinsing helps to remove all the excess dyes from the surface of the hair and make it more lustrous.

After rinsing, spread it on a towel and allow it to dry. Synthetic hair does not stand excessive heat. Therefore, avoid using hot water in the final rinse. Do not apply any heat styling method to it.High temperatures tend to break down the synthetic hair extension fibers.


The methods shared in this article should help you revive your old, worn out hair piece. By carefully following the tips shared, you can look forward to saving an extra coin as you rock a beautiful, appealing and convenient hairstyle. Be sure to consult a professional hair stylist should you doubt your DIY skills.

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