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How to Ease Muscle Soreness in 4 Wacky yet Simple Ways?

muscle -soreness

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How to Ease Muscle Soreness in 4 Wacky yet Simple Ways?

“My body is aching, I can’t move an inch lest go to the gym today”, have not we all said that on the first few days of gym class or a hardcore exercise regime when our muscles feel sore? Well, as Rome was not built in a day, a fitness guru too takes some trying and testing to reach a certain amount of fitness. To gain some (athletic body frame), we need to lose some (those stubborn flab), and there is no escape to shedding those fats and give yourself more of muscles, other than a maintained diet and working out.

muscle -soreness

While it is great to work-out every day, it is equally important to relax our bodies so that it can prepare for its next day date with the gym. Here are some tips on relieving muscle soreness. Try these out, as they do work!

1. Curcumin

Known as a tasty Indian spice, curcumin is what you must chomp on if you have sore muscles. The spice has anti-inflammatory properties. Intake a little more than a gram of curcumin for few days, after a hard work-out, it will surely ease out your muscle soreness. There are curcumin capsules available these days as well. However, if you are taking one then go by prescription.
Things Not to Do: Take a painkiller or sleep like a log the whole day.

2. Hot and Cold Contrast Showers

Time to ease that soreness with hot and cold contrast showers, as nothing feels better than a relaxing warm bath on aching muscles. It increases blood flow and shuts out inflammation within just few minutes. Take a 5 minutes shower, alternating every 20 seconds of cold to 10 seconds of hot water bath. And if you have a Jacuzzi, do we need to explain anymore?
Things Not to Do: Become a seal and spend hours dipped in bathtub, overdoing things don’t help.

3. Deep Tissue Work

Deep tissue work is a stimulation method that works onto muscles and its connective tissues. If the body faces chronic tightness due to overuse, then muscle knots are created, which can be eased by working on ways to better blood flow. Different strokes work for different folks! While some like it extra hard, others are more inclined to gentle strokes. More than liking, you must be administered deep tissue work that is suitable for reversing pain and makes for a faster recovery.
Things Not to Do: Start with random kung-fu strokes you saw in the movie

4. Get a Soothing Massage

A good massage makes a huge difference. You may not have to visit an expensive spa but can get one done for yourself at home, though it may take some coaxing to get someone convinced to pamper you. It is best when siblings or baes/beaus come to help! If you have a foam roller, then beat it up and get going, or if you can really go to a spa, then do not hesitate. If you are a fitness freak, then hire a professional physiotherapist for regular relaxation.
Things Not to Do: Get someone jumping over your back unreasonably

So if you have soreness in your muscles, or you know someone who has it- you can share this post and assist them in getting their muscles relaxed.

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