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How to Eat Right for Healthy Hair

healthy hair

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How to Eat Right for Healthy Hair

“Invest in your hair, It is the crown you never take off!” said someone really wise”

Hair is an important and permanent accessory which can make or break the way we look. People try out many things to get creative with their hair such as coloring, straightening, perming, bonding and so many creative haircuts. Hair masks that you can make at home and sophisticated salon hair treatments have been in practice for a while now to improve and maintain the health of your hair.

We tend to focus so much on the external hair treatments that very often we forget that the major source of nutrients for our hair come from what we eat. What we eat is going to reflect on the health of our skin and hair. Hence, the foremost beauty tips for a good hair should have to be the tips to eat right.

healthy hair

Here are some foods that you have to eat for a happy mop on your head:


Protein is a very vital nutrient for hair growth. Eggs are a great source of protein. Include eggs, especially egg whites, in your daily diet to maintain a good and healthy hair in a long term.

Green and Leafy Vegetables:

Leafy vegetables contain high amounts of iron. Extreme hair loss can be sometimes due to Iron deficiency. Hence, it is important to maintain good levels of iron in your body. Consuming green veggies particularly spinach on a regular basis makes the hair follicles strong from their roots.

Nuts and Seeds:

Certain nuts and seeds are very rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids prevent thinning of hair. Nuts such as almonds and walnuts have abundant amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids. In seeds, flaxseeds are rich in Omega-3 acids; they also serve as very good snacks between meals. Add nuts and seeds to your diet to maintain a thick and strong hair.

Indian Gooseberry / Amla:

Amla is very commonly used fruit in our homes. Not many of us know about the medicinal properties of this fruit. Especially, the antioxidants present in amla are great to improve the texture of hair. You can consume amla in many ways.

Oatmeal :

Oatmeal is a very popular healthy breakfast option. Apart from helping in weight control oats also help in hair growth. The nutrients present in oatmeal such Iron, Fiber, Zinc, polyunsaturated fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids help the hair to get thicker and stronger over a course of time.


It is a known fact that carrots are the best source of Vitamin A. Vitamin A in carrots supports the growth of hair. It is also very good for the health of the scalp. Consume carrot juice every morning for visible and faster results.

Citrus Fruits:

Citrus fruits contain high amounts of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is necessary to generate collagen in your body that in turn helps makes the hair follicles stronger from the origin. Vitamin C is also important for your body to absorb Iron. Iron again is an essential mineral for healthy hair.

Healthy eating habits are very important for a healthy hair in the long term. Provide your body with all the nutrients that help it keep your hair strong, long and beautiful.

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