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Is Curd Good for Hair? Know Now


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Is Curd Good for Hair? Know Now

There are several products in the market to improve the condition of your hair. But at the end of the day, they are all chemicals and it could harm you in the long run. Maybe even bring out the grey hairs early. We don’t want that now, do we? So why don’t you turn to the natural methods like applying curd on hair, which is easily available at home, has no harmful effects and you don’t even have to invest any money here.


Benefits of using curd for hair

  • Prevents hair loss
  • Reduces dandruff
  • Makes your hair shiny and silky
  • Nourishes your hair and scalp further preventing dandruff
  • Cools your head
  • Works as an anti-aging agent and prevent the grey hairs from growing

Only applying curd on the head might not cut it if you want all the benefits stated above. You might have to make a curd hair pack or a curd hair mask by adding other ingredients and apply it on the head for some time

Curd and Lemon

Make a paste of curd and lemon and apply it on the scalp for 20 minutes or more. This will help prevent dandruff and give your hair some shine. It might be difficult to get it all out in one wash so wash your hair thoroughly. You can also add fenugreek seed powder to the paste and apply this curd hair pack for 30 minutes for better effect.

Curd and Honey

You use curd and honey for a hair mask. Honey is a natural moisturizer and will reduce the dryness in the scalp, so best if used in winter. Mix some honey in a bowl of curd and apply it on the scalp. Massage your scalp and spread it from the scalp to the tips of your hair. Leave it untouched for half an hour and then wash it out. Your scalp will be cooler and dandruff-free. This will also help you get rid of split ends.

Curd and Hibiscus

For strong and healthy hair, make a hair mask of curd and hibiscus oil. Mix it well and apply it on the scalp. Leave it there for 20-10 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. It will nourish your hair and scalp and you will see the changes after you have done this procedure a few times.

As you can see, there are several benefits of curd, not only for hair but for your face and body. You should also include it in your diet and pre-hairwash rituals. There are several more uses of curd for hair, by adding black pepper, aloe vera, etc. You can also use Multani mitti with curd, honey, some oil and lemon juice. Although it is difficult to wash it out, don’t let it stop you from having gorgeous healthy hair. So go to your kitchen and put the curd to its proper use!

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