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Is Pasta Good for Health? 5 Reasons to Say Yes


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Is Pasta Good for Health? 5 Reasons to Say Yes



Pasta, a staple of many European nations, is also popular in Indian kitchens. It is often combined with vegetables and meat to form scrumptious meal. Many of us wonder, if pasta is good for health or not, and the answer is- it has immense health benefits when eaten in modest amounts and when complemented with other healthy foods in diet. Below mentioned are top benefits of eating pasta to douse your hunger.

Best Accompaniments with Pasta to Make for a Healthy Meal

• Tomato sauce as it is antioxidant rich
• Beans and vegetables as these are full of fiber
• Vegetable oils and fishes as these are heart-healthy
• Lean meats and cheese as these are great in protein content

Is Pasta Good for Health? – Know About its Nutrition Value

1. Cholesterol Free and Low on Sodium

Low in sodium and free of cholesterol, is pasta healthy will not be a question anymore, since you can be confident about its nutritious supplement. It has several B-vitamins and iron. If you are thinking about which pasts is good for health, then you can definitely choose whole-wheat pasta or one that is multi-grained, as these are fiber rich and helps ease digestion process.



2. Balances Diet

If you have doubts about is pasta healthy, then you must know that pasta is very-much known as a part of well balanced diet especially who follow Mediterranean diet. You can get many daily calories from carbohydrates in pasta. However, do add more nutrition to the diet with meat or vegetables rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins and other essentials for a complete power-packed meal.



3. Energizes Body

The crucial fuel for muscles and brain, carbohydrates are present in pasta, which is also a rich source of glucose. It has complex carbohydrates that allows slow release of energy, and sustains energy than simple sugars, which quick yet limited enhancement of energy.



4. Low Glycemic Index (GI)

Pasta is good for health as it has low GI, which helps regulating blood glucose levels and keeps those controlled. By performing this function, pasta can actually deter blood sugar abnormalities, if taken correctly and in right amounts.



5. Provides Folic Acid

Fortified with folic acid, best healthy pasta has maximum vitamins. As per FDA regulations, enriched grain products require vitamin content and dry pasta supplies of 100 micrograms, often contain 25% folic acid, and thus are very important diet content especially for women.



Which is Best Healthy Pasta for You?

Both whole and enriched grained pasta have several health benefits and nutrients. Some prefer white pasta given its tenderness and mild flavor. White pasta has thiamine, vitamins, niacin, folic acid and other nutrients, while whole-wheat pasta good for health contains fiber, complex carbohydrates to keep your body energy in full swing.



Calorie Count of Some of the Best Pastas for Health

• Chicken pasta: 293 Kcal
• Pasta in tomato sauce: 210 Kcal
• Pasta aglio e olio (pasta with olive oil and garlic): 653 Kcal
• Pesto pasta (pasta with creamy, basil sauce): 618 kcal
• Pasta and mushrooms in cream sauce: 255 kcal

Thus, if anyone tells you that pasta is unhealthy, you can definitely guide them to this post and let them know about the health benefits of pasta.
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