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Laxatives – Ultimate Weight Loss Solution…Or Not?


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Laxatives – Ultimate Weight Loss Solution…Or Not?

Fat is the new black. Full-figured and proud. Curvy is the new sexy. 99 problems, but my curves ain’t one. (You get the gist.)

It’s hard to go 10 minutes on social media (or the internet in general) without one of these quotes, or something on similar lines, popping up. Heck, there are dandruff advertisements which start on a similar note. And I’m all for it. But despite all these efforts aimed at making women feel comfortable in their bodies, there are a few geniuses who keep pushing the boundaries when it comes to weight loss solutions, who leave no depth of ingenuity unplumbed in their quest to find the best solution for “weight loss within a week”. And a recent addition to the list is laxatives. Apparently, following a laxative diet can help you get rid of all the excess weight and get that “size two” figure. In fact, there are a considerable number of women who have already tried it, without knowing it is actually doing more harm than good. If you’re considering to try laxatives for a quick weight loss, well, stop, like right now. And here’s why you should.

For starters, it’s a medication, used to treat constipation. Laxatives or purgatives increases bowel movements, which eventually loosens the stool. There are four types of laxatives from type 1 to type 4, with type 1 being the least powerful and 4 being the most powerful. Now, if you find it amusing that there are people willing to consume constipation pills in order to lose a few pounds real quick, it gets better.


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Laxatives actually do cause some weight loss. This is because they absorb water from body tissues and make the digestion process faster, preventing the absorption of nutrients by the body. The stool also becomes more dilute, thus causing loss in water weight. Which further implies that using laxatives for weight loss is not only temporary solution, but also a dangerous one. Not convinced? Let’s dive in deeper.

Some of the side effects due to excessive laxative use include seizures, bleeding, confusion, coma, headache, fatigue, addiction. Laxatives absorb water and mess up the electrolyte balance in your body and brain, which leads to headache, confusion, coma and seizures. It also affects the functioning of heart and kidneys causing fatigue and bleeding. So, that’s heart, brain, kidneys and intestine.

But the most dangerous side-effect is addiction. Once you start on a laxative diet, it can get extremely difficult to go back to a normal one. There have been cases where women started with 2-3 pills a day and eventually got to 100-125 pills a day.


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Bottom line is stay off laxatives. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to shell a few extra pounds. And there are tons of healthier alternatives available. Eat healthy, follow a diet and engage in regular and extensive physical activities. Just one of those “What comes easy won’t last long and what lasts long won’t come easy” cases.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live!

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