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Lip Tattooing – Here’s What It Is


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Lip Tattooing – Here’s What It Is

With celebrities continuing the trend of fuller, beautiful and luscious lips; women have grown more inclined towards lip appearance. Most of us want pink and natural looking lips just as depicted in the advertisements. But the sad part is having dark or pigmented lips which are far from the color pink. Hence, lipsticks are our best friends when it comes to making lips look pretty instantly. But again, there’s this constant re-touch of lipsticks that becomes inconvenient many times.

As we all know, for every problem there lies a definite solution. This is apt for the cosmetic world where any flaws can be made beautiful. And hence, for perfect and natural looking lips, we do have a few procedures in place. One such procedure is the ‘lip-tattooing’. Sounds weird, right?

This name actually does refer to your lips being tattooed. For semi-permanent cosmetic lip procedures, lip tattooing is the recent trend that has been doing the rounds in the fashion world.

After brow microblading, women are also moving towards tattooing their lips.

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Let’s clear the most important thing first. A lip tattoo does not give you fuller lips.But your lips may get an appearance of being a bit fuller after the procedure. It enhances the features and the shape of the lips. It also helps in correcting the lip line. It is said to be the ideal option for women who want to escape from the daily hassle of applying and reapplying a lipstick. The shade of the lip tattoo resembles a lipstick color, but one that mostly looks more natural and beautiful. It is opted in case of hyper pigmented lips.

Also, women who do not want to opt for lip fillers are the ones going for this.


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Tiny needles are used to fill in the tattoo which abrades the lips. The procedure is next to painless if done after the application of anesthetics.

The heeling process takes at least two weeks. Proper care should be taken during this period and lips should be moisturized frequently. Follow all the instructions given by your doctor religiously.

In a few cases i.e. in individuals with dark skin; the lip tattoo would not be a good option as their lips are prone to excess melanin production after the abrasion, leading to hyper pigmentation. These individuals are not able to retain the tattoo color.

The tattoo being semi-permanent, its duration depends on your lifestyle and habits. Usually, the colors can be again refilled after 3-5 years depending on the amount of lip shade retained.

So, if you’re planning for something similar, make sure to be well-informed about the pros and cons. Weigh all your options and pick the one that is the best for you!

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