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The All Natural Basics of Growing A Beard

How to grow beard

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The All Natural Basics of Growing A Beard

Gone are the days when the television, magazines, and movies were filled with clean-shaven men. The early 90’s were glory days for shaving cream and razor brands. Every other boy band had default specifications for its members; tall well-built male, with good looks, a unique hairstyle on each of them and a clean shaved face. The only facial hair that was allowed was the good old soul patch. But unless you’re really high on nostalgia and you still continue to dress in bold colored T shirts and loose cargos, you’ve got to change with the times.

Girls like beard

Enter the decade of the beards. Not every guy can transform into a tall buff dude with muscles popping out of all places, but almost every guy can grow a beard. There is just a wee bit of evolution science behind it and genetics can be a big bonus in some cases.
The growth of your beard can start as early as age 16 and in some cases as late as 26. Here are a few tips to let that beard grow in an all-natural and no supplement way.

How to grow beard

Step 1:
Caring for your skin

Good skin is the foundation for a good beard, care for your skin and keep it healthy and in return, it will help you grow clean and hassle free beard. Create a care routine that works for your skin and make sure you follow it, no cheating on this. Make sure you clean your face with warm water twice a day. Remember warm and hot are two very different words. Boiling hot water can damage your pores. Use warm water with a gentle soap. Use a scrub once every week to get rid of those dead cells and promote the growth of healthy new skin.

Step 2:
Rest and stay healthy

A good diet and plenty of rest is the simplest way to keep your body healthy, this not only helps you function better mentally, but also keeps your overall physical health at a good level. Getting a good night’s rest allows your body to repair the damage and help you recover. Channel your energy into staying fit and exercising more often. Your hair reflects your health and stress levels. Stay stress-free and get enough rest if you want that beard to grow.

Step 3:
Keep the razors and trimmers away

Don’t listen to the pseudo wise friend who tells you that the more you trim the more you grow. Sadly for them, beards contradict this belief. Trimming your beard will only cause your body to put in all the effort again to regrow what you got rid off. Let your beard grow, it’s understandable that you would like a homeless nomad, but it’s worth it after those initial weeks. First grow that beard, only then trim that beard.

Step 4:
Work with what you got

Genetics can be cruel with a few good men, but don’t lose heart. If you can’t grow a complete beard, you could probably grow a decent goatee or the good old soul patch. Make that work for you. Remember that beards are not the mark of a man and it does not prove anything. Beard or no beard you could still be a nice guy to everyone around.

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