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Privacy Policy

Beautyfitnessfashion brings details, information, advice and latest updates regarding the fashion, beauty and health. We focus our content on and around these three topics especially useful for women.

Beautyfitnessfashion is committed to secure the privacy of our users. We acknowledge the fact that your personal information is very private and important to you. While using our website, you may give away any personal details or information. We want you to know that your information will remain secure and protected with us.

Beautyfitnessfashion does not sell , rent or trade your personal information to any third parties. We want to know that it is our top priority to secure any information you provide to this website. We would use your information, if used, for purpose of improving our platform, content, features or other services.

Kindly understand while surfing through our web portal, you would not be required to give any of your personal information unless you choose to register with us. If you are a minor i.e. aged below 18 years, we would request you have supervision of your parent or guardian while filling in any kind of personal information.

We would want to reiterate that we do not trade with your personal information for any kind of practices to third parties. You can be assured of your privacy while browsing through our website.

The application of this privacy policy regarding the personal information of the users of the website extends to the purview of the information obtained by the site from the users while using the services of Beautyfitnessfashion domain.

Please go through this privacy policy of the website, before providing any personal information to the website.
Also, read our terms and conditions carefully before submitting any personal data to the site.

We request our users to be completely aware our privacy policy and only after being satisfied with it reveal any kind of information.


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