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Rainboots Are Now Stylish and Fashionable!


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Rainboots Are Now Stylish and Fashionable!

Taking care of ourselves during monsoon season is essential. One major point to keep in mind during the rains is footwear choice. It is essential that we select the right ones that not only protect us from the weather but also serve other complementary purposes (like creating a good fashion statement). One such footwear is the rain boots that are now becoming current favourites of many women. Rain boots are usually below knee-length and were once only found to be in white and black tones. Therefore, they were not desirable by many in the sense of fashion as they seemed too groggy and odd on anyone. Not many preferred these even if they provided best means of protection from the rains.

But with changing times, rain boots have acquired a revamped look and are now here to appeal you in exciting designs and colours.


These come in different lengths; ankle-length, knee-length and many more.
Plain coloured rain boots are the most common ones that are spotted by many. They are great in terms of fashion and also protection from the rains. Some of the popular colours are red, black, dark blue, yellow, etc. When you’re confused between designs that would go with your outfits, these can be a safer option. Just select your favourite-coloured boot, and you are good to go. Most of the colours pair well with any dress.

A cute looking type is the one having polka dots. Rain boots with varying sizes of polka dots are seen where these dots are usually in a contrasting colour from that of the boots.


Abstract patterns have also found their way on rain boots to pep up the entire look. The mesmerizing designs would surely surprise you with the amount creativity.

Transparent or sheer rain boots are something unique and a different concept all together. There are many combinations available along with ombre colours. It’s totally up to you how you wish to style them.


Designs, motifs, cartoon characters and colourful rain boots are slowly becoming the most popular. Be it a cute drawing in the boots or an adorable anime character; all eventually find their way on rain boots.


Have you also seen the lace-up rain boots? That’s a cool combination that would make you want them.


Rain boots are also being inspired by boots that we wear on a daily basis. For example, uggs-style rain boots are now very common. Even the lace-up boots certainly bring out combat boots kind of vibe.
We are conscious about our look and hence may find rain boots over-the-top with a simple outfit. But guess what? You can wear them with anything. They are best with jeans and leggings. Though you can definitely wear with skirts, dresses and shorts.

And by the way, who says these are only meant for the monsoon season? More than a seasonal fashion, rain boots are now an all-throughout the year thing. So don’t think twice while wearing them anytime you want to!

Image Source: Grouponcdn, blogspot, pinmig, alicdn, made-in-china

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